Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was chatting to a friend yesterday and our topic was her life insurance. She needs to remit 33 grand annually to that insurance in ten consecutive years to be able to get 1 Million when she died at any cause. Where’s the excitement there when you will no longer enjoy what you planted. I’m really not into any insurance, especially life insurance. You’re already preparing something for someone when you died. And most of the cases, when that someone knew it, they would pray for your death. Bwahaha.

When I was about to go home to catch for my favorite TV show, my colleagues invited me to come with them to meet someone. They persuaded me for a free food. Hehe. As I’ve heard they will meet an agent from a prestige insurance company. Fuck! I was just talking to a friend and discouraging her to that insurance and now I will dine to an insurance agent who will do her best to convince me to get one. WTF. I just found myself entering to Burgoo, meeting the lady, asking questions and lately signing the contract. Haha. How stupid isn’t it?

Life is so ironic. Humorously mocking as what you expected is different from what actually is. Pfft.

I prayed for this job and I got it. I wished to belong to this company and I am now working in it. Eight months passed, I struggled to survive and when I won the glory I just felt chill of passion. I don’t feel like working in it any longer and I want to move out as soon as possible. Isn’t it ironic? You’re dying for something and when you get that something, you would just lose the taste of it.

Life is making fun of us. Everyday of our living we encounter irony.

You wake up early to get to work early and then you will just find yourself, stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. You will go to church to pray but suddenly your eyes are sneaking to the woman’s bare long legs. You won a car in a lottery but you don’t know how to drive. You’re on a diet when a friend treats you in a buffet restaurant. A rain on your date. An important message to reply when you ran out of load. A great dream that you regret to have.

Things like that. Funny isn’t it? Just learn how to deal with it. J

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