Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Matagal-tagal din kaming di nagkikita. Barkadang walang katumbas na halaga. Kaibigang kasama mo sa hirap at ginhawa. Mga taong handang lumaban para sayo. Mga taong kasabay kong tumawa, umiyak, mangarap, magalit at magmahal simula noong ako'y inosente pa lamang. Inosente sa mga bagay-bagay sa aking kapaligiran. Inosente sa mundong aking ginagalawan.

Haay... parang kailan lang. Lagi kaming magkakasama at sabay-sabay mangarap sa tabing-dagat. Natatandaan ko pa, sa kanila ako natuto ng bisyong aking kinagiliwan. Bisyong hanggang ngayon ay bumabalot sa aking katauhan. Bisyong pilit kong iniiwasan. Bisyong dulot ng pag-aaway. Hanggang ngayon sariwa pa rin sa aking alaala. Magdadala kami ng ilang piraso sa tabing-dagat kasama ang ilang lata ng alak na magdadala sa amin sa alapaap at tuluyang liliparin ang aming mga isipin ng aming mga pangarap. Aabutan ako ng isang piraso at sisindihan, sabay hitit, hanggang makarating sa aking baga. Nakakatuwa lang isipin ang mga kalokohan na aming sinubok.

Pagkatapos ng ilang sesyon, magtatayuan at maghahabulan sa lawak ng parke. Parang mga musmos na nagsisigawan, nagtatawanan at naghahabulan hanggang sa mapagod at maupo sa ilalim ng puno. Sabay tipa ng gitara at kantahan. Haay...ang sarap sariwain ng mga alaala. Alaalang gusto kong balikan. Alaalang aking muling pinananabikan.

Ngayon, abala ang bawat isa sa kanya-kanyang buhay. May mga trabahong pinagkakaabalahan. Karerang pinagyayaman. Pangalang iniingatan. Bihira magkita-kita at bihira magkausap. Suntok sa buwan kung magkasama-sama. puso ng bawat isa...nananatili ang mga alaala. Bagaman abala...nararamdaman ang pagka-ulila sa mga kaibigang minsang nakasama.

Ito ang aking iniingatan. Mga alaalang kahit lumipas ang ilang dekada ay di mababaon sa limot. Mga barkadang tunay.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tsk tsk...

While surfing the net, I came accross with this mercy news. The typhoon "Milenyo", that recently struck our country and left chaos is increasing the death toll nearly to 200.

MANILA -- The death toll from Typhoon Milenyo (international codename Xangsane) in the Philippines has risen to 197, with at least 22 other people still reported missing, rescue workers said.

As reported by other government agencies, 154 people were killed in five different provinces. At least 20 people drowned overnight the hills were included in the figure. I saw these people on TV atop the hill fish-eyeing the impetuosity of the storm. Without knowing that their curiosity will lead them to death. And 5 other people were still reported missing. Humnmn.

The President gazing at the damages made by "Milenyo". What must she thinking? Hmn.

The eerie storm wrecked thousandths of houses and tens of thousands of hectares of farmlands. Evacuees who lost houses still remained in evacuation centers near their place. God help us.

For sure, Meralco, which supplies power to about 70 percent of Luzon, will put millionths to its infrastructure. Bwahaha. And in the end they will sue innocent people. Putting additional charges on electric bill that they couldn't explain the use. Pfft.

Monday, October 16, 2006

la lala lala...

Hello folks!

Been busy with my LJ. I just dropped by to revive this blog. It's like an old notebook that never been opened for years and now producing spider web. Eww. Not bad. It will work on halloween. Harhar.

Yeahz. I'm becoming an addict. Crazy. Unstoppable. Fiend to blogging. Pfft. I dunno who gave me wisdom to blog. Whoever you are, thank you. You taught me how to express my inner thinkings.


Not that special unlike last week. An ordinary weekend where I spent most of my time watching movies. I doused my eyes on screen the whole afternoon. I pig out. Eat, sleep, watch, etc. My belly is getting bigger. Huhu.

Anyway, he will still love me even I became fat. He swore to me. Haha. And me to him. Ahihihi.

That's all.

Friday, September 29, 2006

memorable experience...

I never experienced such horrific event like what we had yesterday.

I was in a deep sleep when my phone rang that made me instantly rose up from bed. While yawning and quite irritated of the unexpected call I yanked my mobile and checked the caller. I was surprised on the person calling. I hurriedly accept it. Shocked on the news I got, I just assent his instructions and forwarded it to my colleagues. I don't have any idea of what's happening outside my room. A quick look outside confirmed that, indeed, there was a fierce storm a-brewing in our area.

Though chilling, I took a bath and almost freeze to death on cold water. Wee. Poor fella, doesn't have a heater to keep my body warm.

While preparing and packing my things, the light keeps on flickering. The electricity might went down. I better dispappear here so I held my bag and sped off.

Heading toward the office. The wind got stronger and turned my umbrella upside down. Grr.

This wind is pissing me off.

While crossing the street, it almost dragged me.

Hmn. This is not cool.

Finally, I reached our building still alive though gasping to breathe. I bumped to my cronies at the lobby. Oh man. They informed me that everything were suspended. Boo.

We still went up and check it. I really don't want to use the elevator for the fear that it might failed and stuck us. But I prefer to use it rather than the stairs. Hehe.

Inside the office we can hear the wind hurling beside the glass windows of the building. The sound was very audible and eerie. Most of the tech guys reported but we plan to leave early before the typhoon caught us. We first settle everything and got off. Our boss, in good heart, offered to drive us to our respective places.

We gathered and went down. As we approached the back of the building. Sweet Jesus! The wild wind approaching south is like a katabatic wind that can lift and drop you anywhere. Thin roofs, papers, tree branches, and litters were swooping. All my life, I've never seen a wind blows wildly like that. I called my mom and check if they are okay. Thank God she was safe home.

Through the blurry scene we saw our boss waving to us inside his car. We don't know how to get there as the wind will definitely haul us. We have no choice but to run fast and fight the strong wind.

On first attempt, I managed to open the side door of the car but it was facing against the wind. The door slammed hard. I was gripping on the handle when the wind lifted me up. Ben grabbed and dragged me inside the building. That was close.

We need to get to the car.

After a deep breath we ran again and in full force opened the side door and finally got inside. We can feel the car lurching. Some of our colleagues failed to cross the killing wind. We're lucky enough seated reluctantly, though soaked, but safe inside. As we drove around the building, trying to fetch the others stuck inside the building, we saw bended trees scattered on the street, signage torn apart, bended electric poles, motorcycle knocked down on street and power wires suspended on tree branches. A horrific scenery.

We headed in front of the Pacific Star Building and fetch the others.

At last, we drove back home.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

random thoughts...

I missed entries for 4 days. I've been into a big fight. Hehe. Orders are in line to the door so I need to be rigid, fast and sharp. Anyhow, it was a good news and it will benefit all of us.

Another personal issue, I hate myself for being so stubborn. Why am I letting my own evil desires control me? He almost curse me to avoid this fucking pfft! I want to stop it but I can't. What will I do? Huhu. How can I get rid of this thing? I'm stuck to it. I know I can beat it. Someday. Pretty sure I can.

I'm with my friend Paul awhile ago. We had a chit-chat and he advised me to ditch my past and go find someone who deserves me. Someone better. Yes, they're not in favor of him. They find him loser. He's nobody to them but to me, he's somebody. Why would I let them decide for me? I have my own mind and I don't care if they find me stupid for hanging with him. I just feel loved and happy when with him. They'll get used to him. Someday they will accept him as him and as mine.

Last night I went home early and dropped by at Russ' house. I was fortunate for Tita gave me something to eat. Grilled liempo and tortang ewan. Haha. Free dinner. *smug*

I'm broke and I'm into financial crisis. I can't budget my money or I'm just not wise in spending it. Pfft. Whatever. I'm still broke. Can you lend me money? *wink* *wink*

At home while having siesta an odd thought crossed my mind. The song Ilong sung stuck to my mind. A song popularized by Apo Hiking Society.

Mahirap talaga ang magmahal ng syota ng iba
Oh sakit ng ulo maniwala ka
Ngunit kahit ano pang sabihin nila
Iwanan siya’y di ko magagawa

All I can say, OO mahirap talaga! Potah!

But if I were you, this is only an advice...if it still early...stay away. If you can still avoid him/her. Do it before you found yourself crying a well of tears.

Me and Russ will watch "The Devil Wears Prada" later today. I'll fetch her at home. Makapagrelax-relax naman!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

let bygones be bygones...

It's getting hot in here. Whew! Anyway, hope this entry will peter out the issues. Let's drop everything and move on. I will be more careful now with my words and names of characters as I learned from you guys. *wink*

Lemme recount my past ramblings. Oh and by the way, I have an LJ now. Click here or just click "alembong" at the side links.

I spent the weekend at Bulacan. I missed my family. It's been a long time we've never seen each other. I almost forgot their face. Haha. We got together at my brother's (Alkin) birthday bash at his house with his family. Aust, my nephew was so cute. Big brown eyes with long battling eyelashes, delicate lips and raddish skin. Damn he's so cute. I want to squeeze his cheeks. He amused me in his dance moves. The "hagod" move and "let's do the funk" move. Haha. Wonder what are those moves? Um. From TV commercials. Hagod from a cough syrup advertisement I guess, I'm not familiar with it and the let's do the funk move from a deodorant advertisement. Hehe. Kids nowadays are good imitator.

I arrived there late as I first went to an internet cafe with no coffee. Haha. I checked my emails and customized my LJ. That day was so hot and every part of my body was sweating. I's yuck. Haha. And I curse my hair and myself for having it curled. It's gross and unmanageable. I should not have it curled. I miss my straight hair. Huhu. Anyway, they were distracted as I came. Everyone were ranting. You need to shout or use a megaphone for you to be heard. Their voice were blustering. That's how we speak to one another. Haha.

Hmn. What else? We watched the movie Crank by Jason Statham. Read my LJ for more details of what had happened. Ahihihi.

Um. Right now, I just feel loved and happy. :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

word for the week...BITCH

Don't you know that it is an honor to be called a bitch? Have you ever wondered what makes a man want to marry a particular woman? Be a bitch for you to know. BItch isn't that a bad word. Well it depends on how you interpret and accept it. If you have a dirty mind, my apology for that. But hey I have a dirtier mind than you so knock it off.

Mood Status: bitchy

Thursday, September 07, 2006

get out!

Hey to all visitors...if you find this site offensive, well GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! I don't need feeble-minded alien browsing my blog. I will write whatever I want here. This is my online journal! Stop meddling! Mind your own. Freak. Pfft.

Monday, September 04, 2006

it sucks to be me...

Whew! I've been so wasted these past few days. Lemme recount those tedious days.

August 29. This was a bad day. I did not report to the office to work on my documents I needed for a-plan-for-a-career-growth. Hmn. I woke up early to get to Manila City Hall to process something. I dressed up in blue jeans paired with comfty shirt and a pair of black slippers. The I'm-not-dressed-to-go-out-Buti-na-lang-I'm-cute outfit. I got there as early as 9AM. Hehe. That was early. Bleh. Upon entering the huge door of the hall I saw three men in blue shirts in the information area. I paced toward them, head up but not arrogant. I removed my sunglasses and ask for the location of diploma authentication. I felt stupid when the big-belly man told me that they're not authenticating diplomas and transcripts. Bits of water start runnning down my face when he told me the right place for it. Aww. I'm dumb. Nowhere to run, so I went to the nearest mall and have a brunch. I didn't take any solid when I got off the house. I texted Iryl and ask for the exact address of CHED and how to get there. After eating I went to NBI UN. I wasn't aware that the said bureau has been moved to Carriedo. Grr. I took another ride going Carriedo and look for that fucking bereau. Thank God it didn't take me hours in finding. I went upstairs without any knowledge on whats and hows in getting the clearance. I saw a young lady vendor bragging her ballpens that this item is much needed in getting the clearance. With her lungs out in shouting using megaphone, I distracted her and bought one then I headed to the bureau. I lost gallons of perspiration processing this clearance. Whew! I finished around 12:30 PM. Next destination? CHED Pasig. I commute from Recto to Cubao. Potah ang init at ang traffic! Tagaktak ang pawis ko. It just came to my mind to take the train instead of jeep. Ambobo ko! Ampf. Well, after losing another set of gallons of water from my body, I reached Cubao. From there I took MRT going to Shaw. I have no idea how to get to that agency so what to do? Ask and ask and ask. Argh. Finally, I reached the said agency. I guess I was been cursed that day. I had all the bad luck. Pfft. As I enter the building the guard hold me and asked my appointment and I told him what's my business there. Ampf! I was stammering when he showed me the address of CHED's QC branch. Grr. I hate processing documents! An old generous man explained well what to do. Go to my school, ask for endorsement letter then go to CHED QC branch. Hayz. Ayoko naaaaa!!! Frustrated, I went back to the office to meet Ella and the gang. I coaxed Ella to smoke at the 6th floor and we had a lil chit-chat then Amy and Iryl came. They took a break and we went up the office. We met Alben, Manette, Chard, Lhen and Pat at the main door. I was surprised when I saw the tech guys with Pat. They persuaded me to join them and my luck got back as Pat treat us for snack. Hehe. Well well...Amy log off early and we directed to parlor. I had my hair curled for a new look. Russ keeps on bugging me. What's the biggie? I just went to the parlor to relax and she's freaking mad at me. I don't know her problem. I just told her to cancel our meeting and move it on Saturday or any day she's free. Nagdrama ba naman. Then she reminded me of her favor. Potek nawala sa isip ko. I promised her about that video that she will be using in her presentation. Sa dami ba naman ng iniisip ko at sa nangyari sa akin sa buong araw na yun, maaalala ko pa ba yun?! Grr. I told her to wait for me and I will drop by at their house and we will do that video over night. Kahit mamaga mata ko sa puyat! Hayz. Why do we always need to please someone? Anyhow, even tired I meet her and we look for internet cafe. I finished it at 12PM without having dinner. I told her to burn it but she keeps on insisting to mail it. Fine! I left her emailing the video to her yahoo account. I took my late dinner and finally, REST.

August 30. When I had my feet in the office they start teasing me with my new hair. I don't care. I'm pretty. Bleh. The day goes fine and smooth til late afternoon Russ start calling and texting again. She attached the wrong file. Gademet! So I made another video but my PC is giving me headache. It automatically shuts down and I'm losing my LAN connection and sound. Whew. Pahirap! Anyhow, I finished it with cursing. To be safe, I burned the video. I texted Russ to meet me at the house so I can hand the CD to her. Then we went off. Alben and I ate at Inengs. I unleashed my madness to him and he was just quiet absorbing all my rants. I met Russ at the corner of our street. All I knew was to hand her the CD then she will go home. But I was all wrong when she told me to test the CD. Argh. I want to rest!!! Give me life!!! I couldn't say no so we look for internet cafe AGAIN to check the CD. I want to collapse when I saw the video been cut. Waaahh. I want to rest! I have no choice but to redo it. *sob sob*

We finished at around 2AM. I want to kill her. Grr. We went home and finally I laid my tired body on bed.

September 1. Ella coaxed me to accompany her at GB3. The scenario was to drop by, meet her friends and vamos. I have no idea that we will go on a despedida party. I have no choice but to accept the fact that I was idiot having someone dragged me to a place I never knew what's going on. Pfft. I just realized it why she was one helluva prepared. She even brought an extra blouse, fixed her hair well and put color on her face. When I met her friends I felt I was in a wrong group. I felt out-of-place. A crowd of conyos and bitches. Anyhow, I managed to mingle with them although they were intimidating. I was only gaping at them embracing and kissing each other. They were hell cool but still...bitches. I can no longer take it so I coaxed her to catch up at our colleagues drinking session at yoo-hoo. Never heard that place. We held a taxi, fetch Lhen at Buendia corner Makati Ave and headed to yoo-hoo. Happenings over there with all due respect to others have been cut. It reminded me of my childhood days. Pretzels! Haha.

September 2. I just stayed at the boarding house and played Word Factory with Alben the whole afternoon. Ah, we food trip. We bought ice cream, pizza, slurpee and nothing. Hehe. We spent time talking bout nothingness.

September 3. I went to Sta. Ana church to attend the 6 o'clock mass. When I turned at my back to give "peace", you won't believe who's the person standing behind me. My face turned white as I saw her and utter the words "peace be with you". The gal who hated me so much. I can't move. I felt numb and my heart was pounding. I finished the mass and sped off. Whew! You know what? I really wanted to invite her outside and smoke. Haha. Bonding ba?? Hehe.

Mood Status: relieved
Music Playing: Missez Feat. Paul Wall - Love Song

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Another slumber party and the end of me. Omigod! I can't believe I was that drunk last Friday night. Well, here's another drama of mine. Me and Ella were supposed to have coffee at GB3 where that little freaking girl invited me to go out. I was supposed to go home early that night but she coaxed me to watch movie but I refused it coz I was broke. Again. All the time I am. Pity me. Yeah. She keeps on tapping my shoulder like a child asking for a toy. I shouted her "O syasya tayo na! Ilibre mo ako ng kape ha?!" Haha. I seldom drink coffee. Most of my friends drink it specially when smoking. It's the best buddy of cigarette but I prefer juice or soda. Anyway, instead of watching movie we decided to stroll and have a coffee. When we were about to go. Lennon's message popped up on Ella's screen asking for Sir Ruben. Out of curiosity, we asked why. He will treat Sir Ruben. Wow. Why? I don't care. I yanked the keyboard and harassed him to treat us instead of someone who's no longer there. Hehe. Selfish. So we went up the 27th floor of the building and messed with them. Ella and I directed at the foyer of the wide office. We scattered magazines and dirt pillows as if we're on our own house. Sitting reluctantly on the expensive sofa of the Jap fellas yelling at them, "Hoy bilisan nyo jan! Di naman kayo nagtatrabaho. Tama na chat! You're using company's resources." Haha.

After several minutes we pulled our bags, turned their PCs and the lights off. We directed to the 6th and a half floor of the building where a big crowd await us. Haha. Pacing toward the table we felt like celebrities on Hollywood walking on red carpet with flashing lights of cameras of the media men and fans hankering us. If they only knew. We're poor as hell. Haha. The guys grabbed the menu and ordered. The petite usherette handed us the song book and forced us to sing. Aww. Because Grace was wearing red shirt that night we announced that it was her birthday and demanded the host to sing a happy birthday song for our colleague. Haha. Poor Grace. The two Jaysons were so quiet. I never heard any word from them. Si Lennon lang ang nuknukan ng daldal. Potek parang bakla. Haha. Peace man. We mocked on others singing. Shouting out the words, "Escape Escape" Eject" "Ctrl + Alt + Del" "Shut Down" "Quarantine". Haha. Those words came from Lennon as if he's a good singer. And when he sang we shouted out "Delete Delete" "INFECTIOUS". Haha. It's Ella and my turn on the floor. We sang the undying song "Weak" with matching dance. Hehe. We're cute. Hell yes! Haha. Well, that night the air was filled with laughters and agonizing stomachs. Stomachs full of liquor not food. We haven't took our dinner that time. I felt the pain when I woke up in the morning. Argh.

To make the story short, we went home drunk or it was only me. Pfft. We exuberantly talked the happenings while walking on the middle of the road. We met Alben waiting beside the building. He accompanied Grace while me, Ella and the three boys went to my place. We waved a cab and directed to my boarding house. Jayson didn't come, he probably had other plan going home. With me in the cab were Ella, Lennon and Muri. They stayed awhile in the house, smoked and went home. They want to sleep over at my crib but it was a no no to me. Boys in my room. Nuh ah ah. I pushed them away and they speed home.

Take a glimpse on our craziness.

Mood Status: giggly
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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Another entry of nothingness. Staring long at this empty sheet, loss for words to write. Hmn. What's new? I just escaped the white chamber of Fasco-CS with the help of my friend Ronald. He sent me the walkthrough. Haha. Cheater! Bat ba?! I was just curious of what's with that doodad box inclined on the wall. I hate that morse code! My officemate Epex explained it to me. I was that stupid to understand the dots and dashes written on the paper I got. There were 26 lines representing the english alphabet. I couldn't decipher the code on that box using that annoying morse code sheet. I shouldn't escape it if I didn't have the walkthrough. Haha. You should think a lot to catch it and i don't have the brain for it. Haha. Lots of tricks and thinking. It will surely squeeze your brain off. These japanese guys are genius. Hell yeah! They came up with these brain squeezing games. But hey I manage to escape the other rooms without cheating. Hehe. But lots of asking. Haha.

What more? We have a new officemate with a bubble-mouth. We clicked together because we're both petite, cute and crazy. I made to avoid profanity but when I met her I'm used to it again. Erm. Her name is Ella, a designer. Her portfolio was amazing. I can't believe that little girl made those designs. You should visit her multiply to see her works.

What else? I'm goddamn sleepy. I can't keep my eyes from shutting. Grr. I took stresstab this morning believing that it will make me up for the whole day. I just learned from Ella that this tab will knock you down and I'm feeling the effect now. Argh. I should take it at night before bed.

Time to hit the road. Byeee!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a recap...

Here's a little recap of the past days without blogging.

August 12. I came to the office late. As usual. I was wasted that day due to the past sleepless nights. Bulge eyes and sag face. Pfft. I pulled Amy and went to 6th floor to take breakfast and smoke. We had a little chit-chat with Manette and Sir Carlo then went back for work. I checked the emails and prepare the work of arrangers for Monday. I plan to go home early and take a rest but as I start packing my things Amy came panting and coax me to join them on lunch. Our boss invited her for lunch with Sir Carlo. I think the big boss is on the mood to go out and want to waste time with us. Haha. Maybe he was bored. Ahihihi. Although not invited, I go with them. Kapal e noh? Blame Amy, she persuaded me. I don't know why she's awkward with the big boss. Hmmnn...I smell something. Haha.

The park was crowded with food stands and different goodies. You can see the busy vendors debating with their buyers. They sell for a living so why argue to the one that's giving them subsistence. Anyway, I shut my eyes and turned to my colleagues. Sir Carlo and I craved for pork lechon while Amy went to the grillery and buy tuna belly. Hmm, yummy. Hehe. Our boss bought grilled flafla and fried rice. More delicious. Haha. We look for drinks and came accross with flavored tea stall. Mixed berries for me, Sir Carlo and the big boss and mango for Amy. Their flavored tea was high-priced. A single tea bag submerged into the hotwater of a small cup with crashed ice and flavoring for PHP 50. Pfft. Anyway, it was my boss' treat so I need to shut up. As we walkthrough the crowded area to look for a place to dine we saw Dominic Ochoa with a girl, a celebrity here but not that famous coz he's not that good-looking. Aww. We eyed a long table with free sits so we hurriedly grabbed the chair and rested our feet. Sir Carlo was still on the lechon stand waiting for our food. I texted to him our location. I was shocked when I read her girlfriend's reply. "Sino to? Bakit mo pinapapunta si carlo sa park? Anong meron sa park?" Hahaha. We laugh when I flash it to them. Tay ka na Sir! Hehehe. After eating, throwing jokes and gossips our boss drives us back to the office. We stayed at the office. I waited for Amy uploading contents to her shuffle. After 20 minutes we speed off. I directed to my boarding house and sleep. I woke up at dawn and texted Russel if she will drop to my place. Well, she did and we shared kikay stories.

August 13. It was a long day. I locked myself in the room and guess what I did. Pfft. When it's 5 pm. I took a bath and went to Russ' house. I told her to feed me coz I was that broke and can't afford a decent dinner. Argh.

August 14. Hmmn. I don't remember what I did that day. Haha. It was an ordinary day. Alben was on leave so I took over him. We delivered all due files early and got off early. I ate at Mc Donald's alone and smoke outside alone. *sigh*. It was a super lonely day.

August 15. It was a bad day. Don't ask it. My heart was pounding and can't throw a smile to people passes by. I went home early.

Well, that's it.

Mood Status: Bitchy
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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Countess Meme

LiveJournal has this meme that interests me. So in desperate to have it in blogger. I search for it and came up with this meme from the Countess. Well, check this out.

Question number1: What are three of the stupidiest things you've done in your life.

1. Sticking with a job that never interest me from the very first day I reported.

2. Clinging to someone who's already committed and made myself fall at a wrong time that's killing me now.

3. There was this incident where me and my Mom were faked by a group of ladies. It happened in our toy shop. 3 women in their mid-40s came looking for toys as presents for their grand children. As they told us, one of them just came from US and was just visiting the country. So we offered the best selling toy to us that is quite expensive. They bought 3 pieces of it and paid us in dollar bill. 100 US dollar to be specific. Me and my Mom exchanged looks. Hello! We're in the Philippines why would you pay us green money??!! But then we're too stupid that we accepted it and gave their change. My Mom hurriedly went to our neighbor who's working from a bank and handed the dollar paid to us. It was too late when we knew that it was fake. We're not stupid, we're morons. (*deep sigh*)

Question number 2: At the current moment, who has the most influence on your life?

No one but my own evil desires.

Question number 3: If you were given a time machine that functioned, and you were allowed to only pick up to five people to dine with, who would you pick?

Jesus, my father, my grand father (Lolo Titong), Ferdinand Marcos, Princess Diana.

Question number 4: If you had three wishes that were not supernatural, what would they be?

(1) To be with my ideal man; (2) To remain in good health until the day we die (3) To travel around the world.

Question number 5: Name one event that has changed your life.

When my bestfriend left me. I felt so alone. I was alone at home so I drink and smoke. Bad isnt' it?

Question number 6: Is not a question. It's a command. Tag five other people.

It's beneath us. For those who wish to try this meme are free to do so.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Year of the Monkey

I got the all-about of this chinese zodiac from my friend Ronald. If you get interested, check the website.

No task is too great for the clever Monkeys. They master most anything. They have extremely charming manners that draw others. Monkeys solve difficult problems with ease.They are quick-witted,innovative, and they have total and intense belief in themselves. No one delights in their own accomplishments like the Monkeys. Enjoying themselves immensely, they try anything at least once! Monkeys are intellectual and their memory is phenomenal. They recall the smallest details of everything they have seen,read, and heard. They must depend on that memory since they have an otherwise untidy mind. Monkeys are wizards with money. They are original, shrewd, and when they need to, they can fool anyone.There are a hundred and one fantastic schemes they want to try, and you can bet they make some of them work. Even when they take you in, it is hard to be angry with them, or begrudge them anything. They don't care what opinions others have of them. They know they are lucky, and they also know they have the ability to change things when convenience calls. Monkeys are virtually unsinkable! When the odds are stacked against them, Monkeys know when to quit. Their timing is superb, and they will wait to try another time. If you try to trick Monkeys, they will probably catch you. They never make a move without a plan. They are great strategists. They can spot an opportunity in any form. They never miss a trick!

Monkeys are hard workers once they have a piece of the action. The bigger the piece, the better they do. Monkeys like to travel, and they want to do it first class.They need a certain amount of excitement in their lives.

Since Monkeys get what they want without too much trouble, they may not care about all their conquests. They lose interest quickly and must learn to finish what they start and take care of what they have. People always flock around Monkeys,but Monkeys don't trust very much. They know a select group of friends that they choose carefully. Money is a must for Monkeys, and they usually have it, or will be in the process of getting it.They know nothing is permanent. They improve and try to do better, and often amaze even themselves. Monkeys like facts and they hateto waste time. Always remember, Monkeys don't care if you approve of them or not, and if not careful, you will be eating right out of their hands! They are the ultimate diplomats and slip in and out of difficulties with ease.

Monkeys must be careful in romance, although clear-sighted, they are very critical and lose interest in anyone they can't consider their peer.They are vain and egotistical,but even that is to their advantage.

Monkeys are always out in front!

Well most of it are right coz most of it are negative. Haha.


Probably most of you are wondering why I'm using english in my blog. It so happened that I have foreign viewers. I really wanted to spill it out. Write in tagalog and say the words I used in everyday living. Potek ang hirap mag-pretend ha! Nagkakabulol bulol na nga ako. Hehehe. Anyhow, I still manage to write it well.

Hay buhay! Petiks na naman ako. Wala na naman magawa kaya eto nagpapakabobo ako. Nagkakalkal ng mga bagay-bagay na magpapa-abala sa akin. Lilipas na naman ang isang araw na walang katuturan. Sana lang dumami pa ang order ng ringtones. Pulubi na naman kami nito pag nagkataon. Ang hirap naman kasi nagpapakabayani ang ibang tao dito habang yung iba dyan nagwawaldas ng salapi na pinaghihirapan ng mga bayani dito. Balak ko na ngang ipagpatayo ng monumento ang ilan dito. Sana lang magising na ang punong abala. Abala saan? Ewan ko. Abala sa pagiging tanga nya at sunud-sunuran sa mga taong nagpapaikot sa kanya. Ah ewan ko sa kanila. Mga leche sila! Wala lang. Nakakapikon lang ang mga ganung tao. Parang asong sunud-sunuran sa iba. Parang walang utak. Akala ko pa naman matatalino sila. Wekwek. Pulbos ata laman ng utak o sadyang mabait lang talaga. Aahhh...shadap! Bahala kayo! Sana lang walang magpa-translate sa akin nitong entry na to.

Syasya. Balik trabaho!

Mood Status: frustrated
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It's been a calm day and I will be off soon. I'm not in the mood today. Is that because I haven't had a decent sleep from the past nights? Um. Russ just called and gave me a pep talk. This woman is crazy. I told her to jump off from the rooftop of RCBC building or get a knife and stab her chest. She's totally insane. Look who's talking. Haha. She was so desperate in getting with this cheap guy. Well, I told her to drop by in my place and I will personally kill her. Haha. I'll persuade her to drink to unleash her madness. Alak lang katapat nyan! Hehe.

Anyway, need to pack my things and get home. We will have a drinking session.


Mood Status: flirty
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Monday, August 07, 2006

shit stuffs

It's Monday! Start of another hell week. I hurriedly woke up from bed this morning to catch up from the office's grace-period time. I've gotten a memo as a warning of excessive tardiness last month and I don't want to be suspended this month! Aww. Hope I have this promise not to break or I'll eat my hat. Pfft. As I pass by the mirror, I was surprised with my face having lots of pimples scattered around my pity cheeks. Huhuhu. I'm so ugly! I hate my face! I was like a disheveled alien from an unknown planet. =( Before I throw something onto the mirror I collected my bathe paraphernalia and went down to the bathroom. After an hour of beauty ritual, I sped off.

Well at the office nothing unusual happened so I better recount my rambles last weekend.

Hmn. I want to share the topic me and my friend Russ tackled. Last Friday I dropped by at their house. I arrived before her so I smoke while waiting. When she got home I dragged her outside the house and talked about nothingness. It's a girls' stuff so we decided to throw off outside so that Tita can't auscultate. She look disturbed so I told her to spill it out. I will just listen, comment and advise in the end. She have a big crush at work. This guy has a resemblance with the vocalist of the band Hale. If I'm not mistaken, Champ is the name. Of the vocalist. Not his officemate. The guy was married and had a child but she was pervert enough to continue sneaking with this guy. Okay, given that this guy is pretty "for her" and she admire him so much that she made herself stupid by having someone picture him or ask for a picture with dedication. That was doltish! An old school. Ew. Anyway, we can't teach our heart. Almost everyone are stupid in the name of love. Even the smartest person on earth when fell in love will make decisions that will look him/her stupid. I advised her to stay away from him before it's too late. I know it's hard but she must do it before she fall deeply. Why are the good and delicious guys are already taken?! Ang sarap MAGKASALA! Gademet! Anyhow, we parted ways with one conclusion. Avoid temptation! Whew.

When I got home, my mind was still populated by the things we talked about. I can relate to her story. I was in that situation before but did my best to elude sin. I learnt that the hard way.

On Sunday, I woke up too late and had my breakfast late. I did nothing. I just watched Tita Joy do her chores. At 12PM I went up my room and take a nap. I woke up 2PM. As I climb across the bed Paul came and pulled me to have lunch. We buy at the nearby carinderia, to Aling Ising. Our favorite eatery. Ahihihi. He was cursing as we walk. He called all the demons and devils on earth and threw it all to his colleagues. He was supposed to play badmintton and he invited me to join but his colleagues didn't come to the bar where he work so he insisted that it was cancelled. He never heard from them until morning when he gone home. When asleep he received a text message from these two morons detailing the what, where and when of their activity. He woke up past 2pm and called them back but weren't answering his calls. Maybe they are in the middle of the battle. Boo. So he decided to stay home. I was about to go with Tito Jer to stroll at Glorietta but he persuaded me not to come as it was too late and I'm not yet dressed and it will take me an hour to prepare so Tito Jer left me. =( I have no choice but to stay at home. I played with Lucas, their cute poodle pet dog. I never heard Lucas bark since the day he brought to Paul's house. At that moment as we play I made him bark and we were all surprised. Haha. I thought he's mute. Ahihihi. After watching The Buzz, Tita, Paul and I played word factory. After 5 rounds, Paul took a bath and prepare for his work. Tita and I left alone looking each other. When Tito Jer arrived we bought food for dinner.

That was my life at the boarding house. Too boring, isn't it?

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Here are some photos of Lucas.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

moving on

Wuhoooo! Finally the game is swinging by my side. I'm almost getting over the darkness of the past. I'm moving on. I'm becoming stronger and independent. I'm learning the virtue of patience and at ease of everything that comes my way. I'm focusing on what remains on me, forget what I lost and never regret my failures. Why would I keep on running to someone who doesn't appreciate me? Err. He doesn't know who's running up to him. I'll show him what he lost and he will be kicking his backside and he will crawl back to me. In the end I will be waving on him with an arched eyebrow and a devilish look...bwahaha. Instead, I will love and be considerate to others who are always on my side, through thick and thin, just always there loving me unconditionally.

Hmmn. I got over of yesterday's tedious work. Whew! That was a tough day. I have this client who requested to cut the original song to that of the same clip time of the poly. And I did it myself! I listened to the poly and find it to the full audio. There were 44 of them and it almost killed me. I feel like being raped. Whew! Anyhow, I feel happy because we're rich again! Hell yes!

I want to buy an iPod but I lack money. I don't even have savings. Pfft. How I wish I could get one to exterminate my boresome in my boarding house. I was desiring to buy a laptop before and now I can't even buy a nano iPod which soon will be phased-out from the market. I'm bankrupt! Huhuhu. All I have at home is my book that takes me a month in reading. Well FYI, it's Deception Point by Dan Brown. I love this author. His novels are full of suspense, twists, excitement that you will no longer keep your eyes off his books. I'm on part where US President Zach Herney announced to the world the discovery of NASA and having all Sexton's incriminations to this space agency back to his face. While her daughter Rachel Sexton is struggling for life at Milne Ice Shelf. Erm. It's a long run then. I'm hankering for Angels and Demons. A friend told me that it is more breath taking than that of The Da Vinci's Code.

That's all for today. Back to work.

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Music Playing: Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces

Monday, July 31, 2006

weekend ramblings

The days are moving fast and me catching up, running fast, afraid to be left behind . It was just another day til the beautiful dawn faded and the earth looms slowly kissing good night. Ano daw? Shet! Ang lalim non!...hehehe...anyway here are my weekend ramblings. I snuck out just to post it. It's a busy day...the ringtone production is raging up again. It was a good news. :)

To forget the stupidity I made from the past days I persuaded Manette and the rest of the gang to go out last Friday night. According to the plan it was a girls' night out but the vampire joined us. Amongst the group were Rizza (the newly recruit), Vanessa, Manette, me and Norlan. I got off early dragging Rizza and Esa with me to dine, at that time all I feel was hunger. We left Manette and Norlan finishing their work. We gathered at Parasol, at the six and a half floor of Pacific Star Bldg. Ahihihi. We came first and ordered a bucket of beer. Rizza and Esa were excited singing so we grabbed the song book and picked songs. Rizza sang at her best the song Weak and ofcourse I chose the undying song of Freestyle, So Slow. Esa beautifully rendered the song Get Here which she dedicated to her Boholano suitor...ahihihi.

I was surprised when Sir Duke came up beside me, he joined us with his buddy then Norlan and Manette came with Russel's group. Finally the group were assembled...there you go a bunch of clowns and crying hearts. All you can hear were laughs and blastering voice of the singers. At that moment my loneliness drifted and pains that lie beneath my heart disappeared. We went home jolly singing at the middle of the road banging heads.

Hmmn..on Saturday I had my feet at the office very usual. What do you expect? The good sun showed up for once but after having our lunch the dark clouds conquered the sky and heavy rain came. Gademet! I hate when it rains. I spent my time at the boarding house played word factory with my friends. I went home to Bulacan late evening.

Well on Sunday I treat my mother and sister. Take them out, eat and stroll at nearby mall. We bought karaoke CDs and sang at home. I missed bonding with my sister.

That's it.

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Nothing unusual happened. Same ordinary boring day. I hate this time of the year...most of the places are flooded and it's giving me headache travelling eventhough it takes only one ride to get to my work...ahihihi. I'm wearing an elevated sandals again and it's hurting my rubber shoes were borrowed by Russ and haven't been returned until now. Why there are people don't know how to return things they borrowed? Grrrrr.

I just saw Anne's blog and I envied it...ahihihi. This girl is so talented. Why did I say so? Coz' she's damn good in writing and designing her own blog. I hate her...haha...actually I envied her...hehe. I want to steal her design. Anne, can I? I like the penguin beside your mood status.

Well...that's it. Back to work.

Current Mood: disappointed
Current Music: Brian McKnight - 6 8 12

Ssshh...I stole that status chuvanes from her...ahihihi.

Monday, July 24, 2006

slumber party

July 26, 2006. That night was full of energy and fun. Iryl had her despedida dinner at Teriyaki Boy accross Pacific Star Building, our hangout. Amongst the group were Iryl, Amy, Ruben, Anne, Vanessa, Alben, Chadu, Philip, Manette, Norlan, Lhen and me. We limit our order to php 1,500 so we chose dishes that will fit to our budget. Vanessa with her precious phone do the computation while Ruben one-by-one uttering the price of dish he was picking at the menu. We're done computing and picking the food as the amount exceeded php 200. Hmmnn...who will pay it? A short silence filled the air avoiding looks to one another...haha.

As the food came, tropang jologs arrived with tiring looks and sitted at the joint-table next to us. The bunch of food were served on table...all you can see were extending arms left and right reaching what they craved for. Laughs and murmurs filled the surrounding...happy eating.

We left the resto with full stomach. Our next destination? Chadu's crib. Amy, Lhen, Iryl and Anne didn't come with their own personal we waived goodbye and pushed to Chadu's place.

At the house, Philip and Manette directed to the kitchen started preparing the so-called pulutan. We made cheese sticks, sliced wrapped cheese. Norlan and Chadu went out to buy our drinks while Alben and Ruben that are so "helpful" plopped down on couch and watched television...grrrrrr. Were done wrapping the cheese so Manette fry it. I was curious with Philip opening the can of tuna and arranging the sliced tomatoes and minched onions on the table. Hmmn...what this man are going to do? I just watch him preparing that doodad sandwhich. He opened a pack of Skyflakes biscuit, spread the tuna over the surface and put the tomatoes as toppings. I asked him what he's going to do with the onion. He tapped his forehead cursing "Omigod...I forgot to mix it with tuna...grrrr". Ahihihi...It is better late than never so he mixed it with the tuna filling and started spreading again on next biscuit. looks delicious so I picked one and munch it...hehehe. While busy eating and preparing then came along Norlan and Chadu with tons of beer...whew...these guys are addicts. The slumber party began. The crazy Norlan dance and dance with his seductive moves...haha. Ruben can't take the moves so he made his own...haha. These men are crazy. Philip grabbed the guitar and start to strum songs that will kill you. He's a man of few words but he's wild when with his guitar. Manette and I sang while they are playing. Alben got the keyboard and Philip a guitar. We're surprised when Chadu pulled a stick of cigarette and lit it up. Woah...I can't believe it! He puff and puff while Ruben capture and capture photos of him while releasing smoke. Manette and I went out to smoke with Chadu catching up. We get serious. Our topic? Love. So many questions came out to my mouth. And both of them keep on answering and nodding. More nods til Ruben came out and joined us. Norlan followed him. Questions and answers were thrown to one another. When we noticed that we're almost out there and we're disturbing Chadu's neighbors we go back in and continue the discussion. Next topic? Love or lust? Pros and cons of premarital sex. Each of us has their own opinion. For me? I believe in long and happy relationship with solemn vow under God's grace. Hmmn...the room gets hotter as the debate gets hotter. Before we hurt each other...I demanded to go home coz it's getting too late.

Chadu, Norlan and Ejeck accompanied me, Alben and Ruben to get a cab while Philip waited for a bus. We get home safe and sound.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

new face

What do you think of my new design? I like the font coz I can read it better than the old one. I'm just thinking of the black banner...too strong I guess and minimal. Hmmn...more tweaking and I'm done. :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

random thoughts...

I spent my week-end away from my family but with my caring friends. On Saturday, I slept the whole afternoon at the boarding house trying to gain energy lost from the whole week's work heft. I woke-up with darkness engulfing the sky. I took dinner with a friend. I'm feeling awful that night with sticky throat that's making me uncomfortable to swallow. I brought this feeling until Sunday morning with a hoarse voice. I risen from bed neglecting it. I need to be durable and do all my chores. I launder some of my clothes, wash the dishes and clean my room. After doing all those stuffs I pushed to Sta. Ana church to attend the six o' clock mass but before getting there I dropped by at the laundry shop leaving some of my used-to-wear clothes. After the mass I went to Amy's apartment to spend time as it was too early to go home and I have nothing to do at the boarding house...just staring up at the four corners of my room...dreaming. I had a great time watching movies and TV shows with Jayvee while Amy busy doing all her chores. I almost forgot the time when I check my watch it's already 9PM. Amy encouraged me to stay a few minutes then after that few minutes she told me to sleep over there which I think is reasonable since there's no one waiting for me at my crib.

At the office, I don't find myself busy as there were no orders for the first day of the week...too disappointing. I amuse myself surfing the net sending resume to other potential firms...hehehe. I've heard from a colleague bout this widespread online home-based data entry work system. You will only need a computer and an internet to work and it will only cut few minutes of your time. As I've heard, many Filipinos are into this business and the money is quite easy and fast. They would give you access on millions of online companies and each company will accept you as business affiliate. At that moment, a smart idea blinks to my mind counting the number of dollars that I would be gaining from it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

boring day

Well well well...have not-that-much to do so I'm wasting my time amusing myself writing nothingness.

This morning, I hesitantly opened my eyes fishing my mobile to take a glance on the clock. It's already 7:30 AM so I hurriedly get up and went downstairs to check my soaked clothes. It's wash day! I hate this day but I have no choice. If you're away from your Mom, you need to learn things not included in your routine. I grabbed my gloves and a bar of soap. I'm using gloves when washing to prevent my hands from irritation. It's sound chary but I prefer to be think of that than to have wrinkled hands as my friend bully me everytime he saw my pity small hands. My eyes opened wide when I saw one of my shirt been discolored. Omigod...I just bought this pretty shirt last Sunday and now I can no longer wear it...arrrgh...I hate myself. I finished laundering at 9:30 PM...too late for my preparation to the office. I took a bath. Cleaned every tiny part of my body. Dressed and vamoose.

I arrived to the office jammed up...counting the minutes I've been tardy for the whole week...fearing to be penalize when I exceeded 120 minutes for this month...waaaahhh.

I've checked my emails. No ringtone order for this week. I just thought the boat will soon gonna sink so I better be wise and grab a life vest. Working here is like survival of the fittest. You need to play smart to fit in. Somehow, I find happiness staying here although fed up of the usual stuffs I'm dealing.

The clock ticks fast. Need to go now....til tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

new beginning

My horoscope for today awakes me, realizing the things just happened these past few days. I couldn't imagine it. Am I still dreaming? I cannot make myself believe with this fast episode of my life. Having been alone for my damn whole life...fooling around...waiting for what tomorrow may bring. Yes, this new beginning fully turned down the familiar path I'm running before but still unsure of surprises that may come. I don't know what's holding me back from the past. I'm confused and afraid but then happy. So happy. I guess, I'll just take the advice my friend gave me...go with it and enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

superman returns

Finally I had watched the most awaiting movie of the year, Superman Returns. I'm not a huge fan of Superman compared to my sister who bought every single item of it. Pfft...she even wanted to buy a cake yesterday to complete her pathetic. Anyway, we had our feet at nearby SM to watch it. We were too excited as we enter the mall hearing its theme song. I almost drag her to the ticketbooth...hahaha.

It was too crowded inside the theater and all you can hear were giggling of kids waiting for their superhero and crying of babies scared in the dark place. The noise and blocking heads of people didn't matter to us, we were gaping at the big screen like kids waiting for the opening of presents under the christmas tree.

Bryan Singer reborn the man of steel with the touch of new age but still replicates the tradtional superhero we knew but I'm a bit disappointed coz it was more on romance. He missed the action that I was expecting. It would be more exciting if Lex Luthor created a villain for him. I was waiting on that part when Lex's group dropped a part of the crystal onto water, a miniature of the whole city. After a minute it starts to rave like Godzilla sputtering out of it then the power constantly fading out until total black out to the whole city. My eyes were riveted on the raving water waiting for a creature to raise from it but I saw nothing. One more thing, I was waiting for his son to use more power but he did it only once. I thought it is his son who will save him from drowning, let's say he was the one who saw superman drowning by pointing it to Lois, he still saved him...haha...but my concern is the use of his powers...hehe.

Anyway, the visual effects were astounding and expensive but it did impressed all the viewers. Brandon Routh was so adorable playing the role of Superman. He's really an Adonis...I want to take him home...haha.

Although quite dismayed, we left the movie house with a smile...having seen superman soar again.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

it really pissed me

This unwanted incident happened last Wednesday at the office specifically 7:30 in the evening. Me, Alben and our subordinate had an argument. The occurence started when she messaged me asking if we can deliver the tones she was formatting at that moment on Friday, supposed she will take a leave on Thursday. I answered her uncertain, because it is urgently needed by the client on Thursday. I can feel madness from her messages, she stated that she was not a robot so I asked her if I need to explain. She insisted that my explanation is no's her job and she need to finish it. After what she said that unnerves me I demanded a meeting to clear things as I can smell misconception. She refused my request and she shouted exiting, turning her back on me. I don't want to write detailed lines she said to exaggerate things. I approached Alben so we can hold a meeting regarding what happened, explaining my side of rushing the tones on that day. Proceeding to the Conference Room we bumped into her at the reception area demanding her to go with us to discuss things. When sitted, she keeps on yelling on us that she was fed up doing all the formatting stuffs that she can no longer continue it and her head was aching due to others bothering her asking questions regarding formatting. We listened to her silently absorbing all her rants. I feel insulted as she hoots on us. I still managed to lower my voice and explained calmly to her my discernments.

Since Monday, I keep on reminding her that she will work over time on Wednesday due to huge order of MM with complicated formats. The total number of tones is 38. Last Tuesday, I gave her the first batch of it with 10 titles. I directed the arrangers to take home the 11 remaining songs for sequencing so the files would be ready for formatting on Wednesday morning. I gave her only 28 tones to format for the whole day. She pried a leave on Thursday so I rushed the arrangers to make the files due on Thursday on that day so she can format it and deliver. I tried my best to negotiate the delivery date to the client but they insisted to have it delivered by Thursday as they need the tones urgently. So I pushed her to finish the three tones for delivery on Thursday. Yes, there are other formatters who can do it by Thursday but I presumed that she can manage to finish it since I gave not-that-much load to her. Her attitude was so annoying when I'm explaining to her. She barked that she cannot finish the job as she was tired enough to do it and keeps on saying "What if I'm not here...who will do the formatting?? do not even allow me to take a leave...blah blah blah" and all those stuffs. On that moment I forgot to learn the virtue of patience and told her to finish what she can do and get off as she said she was too tired. The meeting ended and we directed to our respective terminals. She banked the data she finished, packed her things and sped off.

This happening really pissed me. The blood ran over my head and felt uneasiness to breathe. If you were on my shoe...what would you do???

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

night life

June 24, 2006. We hangout at Bela Bar and watched our colleagues' gig. They were cool and they really rock!

Me and my buddy arrived there past 10PM. Although haven't yet recovered on my past sleepless nights, we pushed to Greenhills and bump into our cronies. The diminutive bar was crowded by youngsters who in life never experienced poverty. As we enter we can hear blatant noise from the inside. Neil, the leader of the Nimbus Crowd band was busy adjusting the audio mixer while some of his members were fine tuning their instruments. We grabbed chairs and start gaping at the busy musicians. After a few mins of tuning, they start to rock. They played pretty well and their compositions are quite good but I'm not into that genre. I am more sentimental but still depending on the mood. If I feel mad, I listen to hard rock songs. If lonesome, I'll go for sentimental music.

I only drunk half bottle of San Mig light. I'm not in the mood to drink that moment. I'm consious with the people around me. We planned to go to Goyong's place but the latter was so drank and can no longer manage to accommodate us so we opted to stay at the bar, rocking. Meekness is the great virtue Philip possess. He sitted silently beside us throwing simple smiles and grins. Bola is total opposite of Philip with his big mouth...haha...but he amused me, he's funny and he's a good singer. He really rocks!

I was suffocated by the smoke of cigarettes inside so I pulled Manette and demanded to breathe outside the bar. A group of boys accompanied us, friends of Philip. They were cute, funny and friendly. We wasn't able to memorize their names. I remember the one guy with resemblance to Kimpee De Leon (local artist) and Paul (our colleague) bragged "Audrey and Manette right? Alam namin pangalan nyo. E kami alam nyo ba pangalan namin?". We just laughed back and grinned "Hinde!". All the nothingness chit-chat and laughters...blah blah blah.

When felt tired and sleepy I demanded to went home. I dragged my buddy out of the bar with our guy friends accompanying us to take a cab. We reached the house safe and sound and went to bed with giggles talking bout what happened the whole night.

Friday, June 23, 2006

so wasted

Haven't had a good sleep these past few days that's why I feel so wasted today. Bulging eyes and shaking body. Smoking makes it more complicated but I can't resist it. I dunno, I feel addicted with it. FYI, I'm not really a smoker. I just learned it by myself when feelin' alone and have nothing to do. When home alone, I drink and smoke. I'm a bad girl now. Yes, I am. I just told Lhen that cigarettes make my breath malodorous. She shouted back like a bombshell "Quit smoking! You're not a smoker before! If you're just doing that to outstand then stop it." I fired her back "I can't resist it and I'm not smoking just for popularity. I'm famous. Duh!". And we both laughed.

I checked my cellphone and received five missed calls from Dems. I went down to call her back. Thank God nothing bad happened. I miss this fella. She's my buddy back on but now we're miles away. I owe her a lot and until now I'm begging her for help with this laptop.

Pfft....I really can't help it. I want to go home, pack my things and take a rest. I'm still adjusting my lifestyle with my new home, new bed with hard mattress and new neighbors. I'll be home with my full stomach and will lay my body "again" on that exasperating mattress. Wish I could buy a new one. Will you? hekhek...

Monday, June 19, 2006

new address

I just moved yesterday to my new crib at Sta. Ana, Manila. Me and my sister arrived there afternoon to dirt-off the room and arrange my stuffs. We're overwhelmed by the warm welcome of my new neighbors. They were very accommodating and helpful. Kuya Rolly stretched his hands putting up my fan and screwed my mirror. Tita handed me enough tools for cleaning. After cleaning we moved to Paco to buy some things that I need. Then came along Russ to looked-up and eat the special Pesto Paul prepared. It's really good with simple ingredients:pasta, olive oil, tuna and basil leaves. They went up to my bedroom and start messing and ruining my things, I hate them...hehe.

Well..all things went right according to what I wanted. =)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All By Myself

The rain poured heavily last night. I prayed for it.

The mass ended, me and my sister go for a spin. A huge drop of water from heaven hit my forehead. I looked at the sky and felt the remaining drops on my face and body. I told my sister to drive faster before we get home drenched. We're unlucky enough to avoid it and it rigorously attacked us. The heaven is crying hard sympathizing to my breaking heart. I find myself humming the song "All By Myself" as popularized by Celine Dion. As of this moment I can relate to this song..."all by myself...don't wanna be...all by myself anymore". I always have this feeling of if my mind and soul are floating and go to wherever the wind blows.

My bestfriend is with his girl again. they're back to each other's arms. So goodbye Saturday gimmicks...goodbye sweet days...goodbye texting...goodbye phoning...goodbye bestfriend. Anyhow, I'm still happy for him. He retrieved the happiness that once stolen to him...who?..I don't know...ask him...hehehe.

I always ask him if there's a problem coz I can see on his face the emptiness and loneliness of his heart. Although he refuses to confess it, I do my best to keep him smiling. We go out on our free days, watch movies, dine, we plop down on parks and start spouting off nothingness. Share dreams and ambitions. We fool around. I can still remember, inside Glorietta mall, outside Mark Spencer boutique while waiting for our colleague shopping inside, we play a game. We picked a line as a marker. Everyone who crossed that line with his/her right-foot stepping forward, I'll pinch him, and with the left-foot, he'll pinch me. We end up counting the numbers of feet crossing the line. What a silly game.

I stopped reminiscing, seeing my sister looking utterly to me with her eyes asking "what's the problem?". I focused my attention on somewhere else preventing her. Empathy is such a cheap and common virtue. I turned on the television, looked for some program that can amuse me. I startled speaking about my transfer to Sta. Ana. On Sunday, I will be moving to Sta. Ana, Manila. Start living alone. Feed and shelter myself. I am not used to it. I am dependent with the people around me. My Mom washing my clothes and cooking my food. My sister who's always on my side eagerly listening to my unusual-experience stories. My bestfriend comforting and caring me. My officemates making me laugh to complete my day. Somehow, I realized, living alone is quite exciting. No curfew, make decisions on your own, do what you want. I can smoke anytime...haha.

I slept leaving everything in my head hanging, hoping for the promises of tomorrow.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

blah blah blah

Here I am again. I shouldn't be doing this...I should be working, looking for potential clients as our boss pushed us to do so. I hate it but I have no choice. I must do it. I'm not a graduate of marketing degree for God's sake. Why am I stuck in a world far from what I've dreamed of? My career here at you-know-where-I'm-working-for-a-living is in peril. Few of my colleagues plan to step down from the company this month, searching for more growth in other firms. For a moment it crossed my mind...look for a new if I have...haha...but not here...I'm planning to work outside the country. I don't know what luck is waiting for me there. Baka maging hollywood star ako...haha!

I'll just take a break...smoke and have a chit-chat with Manette.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Yahoooo! Many thanks to Anne and to her accomplice...they made my blogsite prettier. I am not in the mood to customize it or I'm just stupid with regards to tweaking. I say so, 'coz my friendster blog is a junk. It's unpretty! Ugly! The color is too pale...I guess it reflects on my mood. I'm downcast when I made that. Same as today, I feel sick. I want to get off early.

I got on bed today with swelling throat and hoarse voice. I don't know from who the hell I got this virus that's making me ill. I want somebody to cuddle me. Paksyet! How I wish I have a boyfriend who will cuddle me if I'm sick, depressed, low-spirited or kinda horny...haha...just kidding.

Somehow, I felt so blessed because I have my friends and family who love me unconditionally...charing!!! =)

welcome me

Wuhooo...Finally, I have my new blogsite and I'll stick with it but still the blog I've started on Friendster will still be updated. So keep on visiting it.