Sunday, April 06, 2008

Axis Summer Outing 2008

It was my first time to join the Axis’ Summer Outing. I really wouldn’t want to as I felt belittled by the crowd of this huge company. I signed the waiver under my own free will not to join the trip. Apparently, the HRA sent a memorandum that all employees failed to file a leave on that day will be considered AWOL and won’t get paid even on holiday as per labor code. I still don’t get the benefit of having a leave with pay. I will be entitled of that privilege after a year of service in the company. So, I didn’t have the choice but to catch on the trip. Two days without pay is a big lost for me.

April 5, 2008 4:45AM. I and the boyfriend hailed a cab at the corner of their street. Ampy called with a loud voice rushing us. If I could just let this cab fly to get there on time, I would.

5:15AM. Four buses are halted in the corner of North Road. We walked over the place searching for our designated bus. There it was at the last row. I kissed and waved goodbye to Alben as I boarded the bus. The dawn is breaking when we left Cubao. I didn’t have the vim and vigor to socialize so I took out my iPod, put the earphones and sleep. I can still hear Ampy’s loud voice even the volume of my iPod’s in its maximum level. Nobody can beat Ampy when she talks. Pft. We stopped over in Pampanga, distributed our breakfast from the most selling fast-food chain in our country with hotdog, scrambled egg and rice. As Ampy desired, it would be more enjoyable if served in sunny side up and red hotdog. Choosy. Anyway, we didn’t finish it. She kept hers and shared with my mine.

We can feel the heat as we were driving through the serene, humble and pleasing sceneries of Bataan. It’s exactly 9AM when we reached the resort. A pool and beach resort. A huge streamer of Axis Global welcomed us. After scanning the whole place, we donned our swim suits and the whole crew poses beside the pool area for company picture taking. The program proper started. Karaoke contest, Mr. and Ms. Bodyshot then we went to the beach area for the games, Tug-O-War and Obstacle. We laughed out loud watching the players sinking in the sand, eating dusts, trampling on and demolishing the obstacles when they pass through. Haha. It was so much fun.

After the games, we went back to the pool area for lunch. They kept on pushing me to sing but they didn’t succeed. Hello! I won’t dishonor myself in front of 200 people. After filling up our empty stomachs we wandered around the beach area and enjoy our free time to do whatever we want. The water is clear and chilling. We played volleyball in the water. SSG vs Telco Sales. Haha. Most of our players are giants so the SSG frightened us that they will not encode our orders if they lose. Haha. Gen walked to the end of the beach, near the cave. We followed her and took pictures over there. They covered me with sand and molded tits and penis over me. The sand is heavy. I felt pain on my chest. Thinking crossed my mind, “It’s hard and horrific to be buried alive.” Sir Norman shared his rented kayat after getting tired of paddling. Hehe. I yanked it and they push me over to get into the boat. Ma’am Mean and Lynette is with me. We row and row and tired ourselves. Argh. We went to the shore and start tripping with our guys. The ladies covered the guys with sand and molded tits and penis again. Hehe. Ma’am Lynette and I posed in seductive look as they took pictures of us.

When we felt our skin is getting darker and painful from the heat of the sun, we gathered together and went to shower room. Though it was not actually a room since it is open. People are passing us by. Argh

We ate snack and bounded to our designated terminals to go back home.

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