Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year, New Plans, New Targets

I’m here in our house, alone. My Mom, sis and her girlfriend went to my brother’s house in celebration of leap of year. I preferred not to come as I have my period and fuckin’ cramps that’s making me feel immobile and unsociable at the moment. After moving out from my boarding house at San Andres, I’ve never been this serene. This kind of moment, facing to my laptop, blogging my whims.

After working for months to my new second home, I can say that I finally adjusted to this kind of job. Dealing with different kinds of people. Testing your patience. Working in an environment where you need to wear a mask. Not just one, but a variety of it. In this career, you will find yourself awarded, appraised and deceived. In time, you will learn how to play the game and go along with these strangers. No friendship to treasure. No room for procrastination. You need to be active all the time. Smart and warm when talking to clients. Tough, wise and sassy when coordinating to bitches of that fucking support group. The only perks in working here are the benefits that this multi-million company will give you and SECURITY in life that this robust company will provide you.

Anyways, I enjoy working here because I never felt this busy before and I love dealing with clients.

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