Monday, July 31, 2006

weekend ramblings

The days are moving fast and me catching up, running fast, afraid to be left behind . It was just another day til the beautiful dawn faded and the earth looms slowly kissing good night. Ano daw? Shet! Ang lalim non!...hehehe...anyway here are my weekend ramblings. I snuck out just to post it. It's a busy day...the ringtone production is raging up again. It was a good news. :)

To forget the stupidity I made from the past days I persuaded Manette and the rest of the gang to go out last Friday night. According to the plan it was a girls' night out but the vampire joined us. Amongst the group were Rizza (the newly recruit), Vanessa, Manette, me and Norlan. I got off early dragging Rizza and Esa with me to dine, at that time all I feel was hunger. We left Manette and Norlan finishing their work. We gathered at Parasol, at the six and a half floor of Pacific Star Bldg. Ahihihi. We came first and ordered a bucket of beer. Rizza and Esa were excited singing so we grabbed the song book and picked songs. Rizza sang at her best the song Weak and ofcourse I chose the undying song of Freestyle, So Slow. Esa beautifully rendered the song Get Here which she dedicated to her Boholano suitor...ahihihi.

I was surprised when Sir Duke came up beside me, he joined us with his buddy then Norlan and Manette came with Russel's group. Finally the group were assembled...there you go a bunch of clowns and crying hearts. All you can hear were laughs and blastering voice of the singers. At that moment my loneliness drifted and pains that lie beneath my heart disappeared. We went home jolly singing at the middle of the road banging heads.

Hmmn..on Saturday I had my feet at the office very usual. What do you expect? The good sun showed up for once but after having our lunch the dark clouds conquered the sky and heavy rain came. Gademet! I hate when it rains. I spent my time at the boarding house played word factory with my friends. I went home to Bulacan late evening.

Well on Sunday I treat my mother and sister. Take them out, eat and stroll at nearby mall. We bought karaoke CDs and sang at home. I missed bonding with my sister.

That's it.

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Nothing unusual happened. Same ordinary boring day. I hate this time of the year...most of the places are flooded and it's giving me headache travelling eventhough it takes only one ride to get to my work...ahihihi. I'm wearing an elevated sandals again and it's hurting my rubber shoes were borrowed by Russ and haven't been returned until now. Why there are people don't know how to return things they borrowed? Grrrrr.

I just saw Anne's blog and I envied it...ahihihi. This girl is so talented. Why did I say so? Coz' she's damn good in writing and designing her own blog. I hate her...haha...actually I envied her...hehe. I want to steal her design. Anne, can I? I like the penguin beside your mood status.

Well...that's it. Back to work.

Current Mood: disappointed
Current Music: Brian McKnight - 6 8 12

Ssshh...I stole that status chuvanes from her...ahihihi.

Monday, July 24, 2006

slumber party

July 26, 2006. That night was full of energy and fun. Iryl had her despedida dinner at Teriyaki Boy accross Pacific Star Building, our hangout. Amongst the group were Iryl, Amy, Ruben, Anne, Vanessa, Alben, Chadu, Philip, Manette, Norlan, Lhen and me. We limit our order to php 1,500 so we chose dishes that will fit to our budget. Vanessa with her precious phone do the computation while Ruben one-by-one uttering the price of dish he was picking at the menu. We're done computing and picking the food as the amount exceeded php 200. Hmmnn...who will pay it? A short silence filled the air avoiding looks to one another...haha.

As the food came, tropang jologs arrived with tiring looks and sitted at the joint-table next to us. The bunch of food were served on table...all you can see were extending arms left and right reaching what they craved for. Laughs and murmurs filled the surrounding...happy eating.

We left the resto with full stomach. Our next destination? Chadu's crib. Amy, Lhen, Iryl and Anne didn't come with their own personal we waived goodbye and pushed to Chadu's place.

At the house, Philip and Manette directed to the kitchen started preparing the so-called pulutan. We made cheese sticks, sliced wrapped cheese. Norlan and Chadu went out to buy our drinks while Alben and Ruben that are so "helpful" plopped down on couch and watched television...grrrrrr. Were done wrapping the cheese so Manette fry it. I was curious with Philip opening the can of tuna and arranging the sliced tomatoes and minched onions on the table. Hmmn...what this man are going to do? I just watch him preparing that doodad sandwhich. He opened a pack of Skyflakes biscuit, spread the tuna over the surface and put the tomatoes as toppings. I asked him what he's going to do with the onion. He tapped his forehead cursing "Omigod...I forgot to mix it with tuna...grrrr". Ahihihi...It is better late than never so he mixed it with the tuna filling and started spreading again on next biscuit. looks delicious so I picked one and munch it...hehehe. While busy eating and preparing then came along Norlan and Chadu with tons of beer...whew...these guys are addicts. The slumber party began. The crazy Norlan dance and dance with his seductive moves...haha. Ruben can't take the moves so he made his own...haha. These men are crazy. Philip grabbed the guitar and start to strum songs that will kill you. He's a man of few words but he's wild when with his guitar. Manette and I sang while they are playing. Alben got the keyboard and Philip a guitar. We're surprised when Chadu pulled a stick of cigarette and lit it up. Woah...I can't believe it! He puff and puff while Ruben capture and capture photos of him while releasing smoke. Manette and I went out to smoke with Chadu catching up. We get serious. Our topic? Love. So many questions came out to my mouth. And both of them keep on answering and nodding. More nods til Ruben came out and joined us. Norlan followed him. Questions and answers were thrown to one another. When we noticed that we're almost out there and we're disturbing Chadu's neighbors we go back in and continue the discussion. Next topic? Love or lust? Pros and cons of premarital sex. Each of us has their own opinion. For me? I believe in long and happy relationship with solemn vow under God's grace. Hmmn...the room gets hotter as the debate gets hotter. Before we hurt each other...I demanded to go home coz it's getting too late.

Chadu, Norlan and Ejeck accompanied me, Alben and Ruben to get a cab while Philip waited for a bus. We get home safe and sound.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

new face

What do you think of my new design? I like the font coz I can read it better than the old one. I'm just thinking of the black banner...too strong I guess and minimal. Hmmn...more tweaking and I'm done. :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

random thoughts...

I spent my week-end away from my family but with my caring friends. On Saturday, I slept the whole afternoon at the boarding house trying to gain energy lost from the whole week's work heft. I woke-up with darkness engulfing the sky. I took dinner with a friend. I'm feeling awful that night with sticky throat that's making me uncomfortable to swallow. I brought this feeling until Sunday morning with a hoarse voice. I risen from bed neglecting it. I need to be durable and do all my chores. I launder some of my clothes, wash the dishes and clean my room. After doing all those stuffs I pushed to Sta. Ana church to attend the six o' clock mass but before getting there I dropped by at the laundry shop leaving some of my used-to-wear clothes. After the mass I went to Amy's apartment to spend time as it was too early to go home and I have nothing to do at the boarding house...just staring up at the four corners of my room...dreaming. I had a great time watching movies and TV shows with Jayvee while Amy busy doing all her chores. I almost forgot the time when I check my watch it's already 9PM. Amy encouraged me to stay a few minutes then after that few minutes she told me to sleep over there which I think is reasonable since there's no one waiting for me at my crib.

At the office, I don't find myself busy as there were no orders for the first day of the week...too disappointing. I amuse myself surfing the net sending resume to other potential firms...hehehe. I've heard from a colleague bout this widespread online home-based data entry work system. You will only need a computer and an internet to work and it will only cut few minutes of your time. As I've heard, many Filipinos are into this business and the money is quite easy and fast. They would give you access on millions of online companies and each company will accept you as business affiliate. At that moment, a smart idea blinks to my mind counting the number of dollars that I would be gaining from it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

boring day

Well well well...have not-that-much to do so I'm wasting my time amusing myself writing nothingness.

This morning, I hesitantly opened my eyes fishing my mobile to take a glance on the clock. It's already 7:30 AM so I hurriedly get up and went downstairs to check my soaked clothes. It's wash day! I hate this day but I have no choice. If you're away from your Mom, you need to learn things not included in your routine. I grabbed my gloves and a bar of soap. I'm using gloves when washing to prevent my hands from irritation. It's sound chary but I prefer to be think of that than to have wrinkled hands as my friend bully me everytime he saw my pity small hands. My eyes opened wide when I saw one of my shirt been discolored. Omigod...I just bought this pretty shirt last Sunday and now I can no longer wear it...arrrgh...I hate myself. I finished laundering at 9:30 PM...too late for my preparation to the office. I took a bath. Cleaned every tiny part of my body. Dressed and vamoose.

I arrived to the office jammed up...counting the minutes I've been tardy for the whole week...fearing to be penalize when I exceeded 120 minutes for this month...waaaahhh.

I've checked my emails. No ringtone order for this week. I just thought the boat will soon gonna sink so I better be wise and grab a life vest. Working here is like survival of the fittest. You need to play smart to fit in. Somehow, I find happiness staying here although fed up of the usual stuffs I'm dealing.

The clock ticks fast. Need to go now....til tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

new beginning

My horoscope for today awakes me, realizing the things just happened these past few days. I couldn't imagine it. Am I still dreaming? I cannot make myself believe with this fast episode of my life. Having been alone for my damn whole life...fooling around...waiting for what tomorrow may bring. Yes, this new beginning fully turned down the familiar path I'm running before but still unsure of surprises that may come. I don't know what's holding me back from the past. I'm confused and afraid but then happy. So happy. I guess, I'll just take the advice my friend gave me...go with it and enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

superman returns

Finally I had watched the most awaiting movie of the year, Superman Returns. I'm not a huge fan of Superman compared to my sister who bought every single item of it. Pfft...she even wanted to buy a cake yesterday to complete her pathetic. Anyway, we had our feet at nearby SM to watch it. We were too excited as we enter the mall hearing its theme song. I almost drag her to the ticketbooth...hahaha.

It was too crowded inside the theater and all you can hear were giggling of kids waiting for their superhero and crying of babies scared in the dark place. The noise and blocking heads of people didn't matter to us, we were gaping at the big screen like kids waiting for the opening of presents under the christmas tree.

Bryan Singer reborn the man of steel with the touch of new age but still replicates the tradtional superhero we knew but I'm a bit disappointed coz it was more on romance. He missed the action that I was expecting. It would be more exciting if Lex Luthor created a villain for him. I was waiting on that part when Lex's group dropped a part of the crystal onto water, a miniature of the whole city. After a minute it starts to rave like Godzilla sputtering out of it then the power constantly fading out until total black out to the whole city. My eyes were riveted on the raving water waiting for a creature to raise from it but I saw nothing. One more thing, I was waiting for his son to use more power but he did it only once. I thought it is his son who will save him from drowning, let's say he was the one who saw superman drowning by pointing it to Lois, he still saved him...haha...but my concern is the use of his powers...hehe.

Anyway, the visual effects were astounding and expensive but it did impressed all the viewers. Brandon Routh was so adorable playing the role of Superman. He's really an Adonis...I want to take him home...haha.

Although quite dismayed, we left the movie house with a smile...having seen superman soar again.