Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I forced myself to get up from bed this morning to be able to go to work early. My head was in pain and it was intolerable so I texted the boss if I still need to report early as I plan to work half day. Haven't received any reply from him so I had no choice but to get my ass off the bed. I got a message from him after my bathe

ME: Sir natapos nyo yung JV? Pwede na deliver? Half day sana ako e. Sakit ng ulo ko.

BOSS: Gud am Eya. Inde pa natapos e. Ok lang if you want to work half day. Come in around 2pm. Might be a long night again for us.

ME: Sir pasok na ako. Nakaligo na po ako e. Baka sabihin ni big boss "fail to deliver is a crime". Pft. Deliver ko na lang yung pwede Sir.

BOSS: Mag-half day ka na lang. Anyway hinde pa naman tapos yung JV. Alam ko naman kung gano kahirap magpuyat. Cge na. Mas needed ka later kesa now.

BOSS: Meron ka ba prods to deliver today? Kung meron man, I don't think it would harm us if we deliver it this evening. Rest ka muna for now.

ME: Wala naman Sir. Ok pasok na lang po ako around 1PM. Thanks Sir!

BOSS: Ok. Thanks for the hard work. Tiis lang tayo ulit this year. Meron naman me plan. I just can't divulge everything even kay big boss. Trust me as you did before. Inde ko kayo pababayaan.

BOSS: Pahirapan lang. Hahaha! Temporarily.

ME: Naks parang Metrobank. We're in good hands. Anyway Sir thanks for the patience towards my attitude before. Siguro may kanya-kanya lang tayong concerns. Anyway, I know we can pass this test. Everything will be fixed and the worthy will be rewarded.

BOSS: Really? We can? I don't know. Hahaha! We will if everything goes as I planned. Metrobank? Hmm. Siguro mas bagay kung PSbank. Hahaha!

I didn't get a chance to answer him as I fell asleep quickly. Hmn. With regards to the staffs' passion at work, it's undoubtedly that we will achieve our goal. Plans are good but it will be great if you entrust it to the people in a cycle. A leader is one who KNOWS the way, GOES the way and SHOWS the way. Let your little men know your inner thinkings so they can comprehend to the situation. Maybe the suggestions and opinions that they would lay on your table will be of a big help to your plan.

We trusted you before, now you have our faith. :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Ayoko naaaaaaaaa!!!!

Nakakabobo, nakakasawa, walang kwenta, walang nangyayari!!!

Ayoko naaaaaa!!!

Why am I stuck in this fucking work routine? I'm fed up of what I've been doin' for the past years. Paulit-ulit! Walang challenge! Nakakabobo!

I lost the wisdom I once holding before and now I'm goddamn bonded with this fucking work! I want to regain the knowledge I lost. If only I have enough money to get a crash course of it, to refresh it, I will. :(

I want a new work environment. Something that will push my mind to think. Sana...sana...matuloy na yun!!!

Back to work!

It's Monday...oh my...and I'm just starting to hate this day! 'Coz most of the people are relaxing in their house, in beaches or somewhere else and just enjoying the long vacation while US are here in the office and fucking working! Well I should say THEM 'coz I don't have that much to do. Ahihihi. The surrounding is as peaceful as it was last Holy Week. No multitude, no scattered vendors on the side streets, no traffic and no goddamned LRT!!! Pakshet! It took me an hour to get to Buendia from Monumento taking only a jeepney. Pfft. I got all the dust and smoke from vehicles and my nape pretty ache badly probably due to exhaustion and hunger. I didn't eat last night and didn't take breakfast this morning. I was in a hurry to get here. When I woke up I idly grabbed my towel and directed to bathroom without any words to my Mom whose naggingly waking me up. I just talked to her after my shower.

My weekend? Too boring. We went to church early Sunday and met my Kuya and Ate there. After the mass, we went back home and I slept. I just got up from bed when I felt the pain in my stomach.

We don't have new DVD movies to watch and no new stories to told so I just persuaded my niece and nephew to sing. Hehe. It was too boring as that! When my Ate and Kuya waved goodbye I started thinking of things that will amuse me. I just phoned the boyfriend. Yesterday was the first day I felt near to him when he was actually far to reach. We kept on checking one another by phoning every hour. "What are you doin? Are you missing me? What did you eat? What do you have for dinner? What's making you busy?" Blah blah blah...And when he came home from church, he called me promptly. Letting me know he's already home. Yiheee!!!

We had a serious discussion regarding my search of a new place. My Mom talked to him and they both agreed to find me a new nesting place. There was this disturbing incident in my boarding house that really freaked him and my Mom. He offered me to stay in their place but it's a no-no so I decided to start looking this weekend. I love my current place but I should consider my safety. I can no longer count it as my refuge for the terror that built to us by that incident was unbearable.

Friday, April 06, 2007


After those long and tiring days of work I finally had a decent sleep last night and woke up fully charged. Thanks to Stresstabs, a stress relief multivitamins I took last night, that's making me feel strong today. I feel so recharged. Heee!

Hmn..think I should have a stock of it so I wouldn't looked haggard everytime we're working OVER time.

It's Good Friday today and...yeah...we're still working to finished all pending projects. I should get used of it and besides we still have work on Monday though that day was officially announced by MalacaƱang a NON-WORKING HOLIDAY! Anyway, we'll be paid twice of what we're earning in a day...oh...the staffs we'll be paid double and the officers will be given an allowance which I think is reasonable enough for us to report. Oh my...I'm becoming positive here. Well I guess this blog should obtain words of birds and sunshine not crows and darkness all the time. I just feel relieved of the stress I was for the past days.

As I've said before, we're still the ones who shall be rewarded for all the work sufferings. We will be in a vacation for 1 week, from May 30 to April 4 April 30 to May 4. Yepyep...one week! Oh god I'm so excited of that week to come. We planned to spend it at Puerto Galera. I asked Ben to treat me by shouldering all the expenses. Haha! I should have said this to him "You love me so spend for me". Haha!

Anyway, as I had my way here to the office I noticed the peaceful surrounding. All establishments were closed and you can only see few scattered people. I just thought, people are still spiritually engaged to our traditional way of observing the Lenten season. My heart was smiling as my eyes were enjoying the serenity of the sceneries. This is one of the factors why I'm joyous today.

I will go home to Bulacan tomorrow to be with my family at Easter. No plans for that day. I should just unlax and enjoy the day with them.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Sue me for cursing but I will tell this to you, you cannot blame me. It's Holy Thursday but we're fucking working in the office without fucking water, air conditioners and the elevators were fucking down this morning so most of my colleagues used the fucking stairs to get here. Fuck! Ronald tell me, don't I have the right to curse?

Good for me. I came here at around 7AM and never hassled walking on stairs up to the 15th floor. I got here early to upload the files the poor formatters finished from yesterday morning 'til this morning. Hell yeah! They worked 24 hours to meet deadlines. WTF! Where's the justice dear Lord?! Give us the most valid reason why we're killing ourselves working here while others are enjoying their vacation. *deep sigh*

When will this trial (if it is...then maybe this is the toughest trial we underwent) end? We know we can get through with this. We can work this out together. Everything will be back to normal and nobody but US shall reap the rewards.