Saturday, August 18, 2007

Step Forward

I just made a tough decision in my life. It made me think for months and finally, I made up my mind. The dark clouds that covering the path that I should be walking, at long last, vanished. I can see the track clearly now. The fears that I were holding, plainly melted. The questions were answered. Oh god, what took me so long to settle?

I need to move out. I need some changes. I need to have goals in life. Yes, I’ve been working for four years, and just working for nothing. I don’t have destinations. I work today to be able to survive tomorrow. Tsk. I wasn’t aware that there’s a great life waiting for me outside that box. I was succumbed by the short-term happiness that it was giving me. The leisure at work that I could never get to others. Time is running. I need to run fast before it caught me. I just knew there are plenty of fishes in the shore. I need to taste all of them. Not just be contented of what I got. Life is short so I will live it to the fullest. Make the most out of it. Remove the fears and venture to something what you feel suits you. Leave the past behind and step into the new world that’s waiting for you with a smile.

I’d just like to thank that person who enlightened me. Thanks for making me tough. Thanks for making me decide. Thanks for bringing me down. It just made me strong. I don’t want to hold grudges before I leave instead I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you were not an asshole to me, I guess I wouldn’t know the true meaning of life. Living in peace, serenity, bliss and security. If you weren’t a cocky, I will just stick myself into that small fucking cubicle and day-dream. So, thank you.

Time to step forward.