Friday, September 29, 2006

memorable experience...

I never experienced such horrific event like what we had yesterday.

I was in a deep sleep when my phone rang that made me instantly rose up from bed. While yawning and quite irritated of the unexpected call I yanked my mobile and checked the caller. I was surprised on the person calling. I hurriedly accept it. Shocked on the news I got, I just assent his instructions and forwarded it to my colleagues. I don't have any idea of what's happening outside my room. A quick look outside confirmed that, indeed, there was a fierce storm a-brewing in our area.

Though chilling, I took a bath and almost freeze to death on cold water. Wee. Poor fella, doesn't have a heater to keep my body warm.

While preparing and packing my things, the light keeps on flickering. The electricity might went down. I better dispappear here so I held my bag and sped off.

Heading toward the office. The wind got stronger and turned my umbrella upside down. Grr.

This wind is pissing me off.

While crossing the street, it almost dragged me.

Hmn. This is not cool.

Finally, I reached our building still alive though gasping to breathe. I bumped to my cronies at the lobby. Oh man. They informed me that everything were suspended. Boo.

We still went up and check it. I really don't want to use the elevator for the fear that it might failed and stuck us. But I prefer to use it rather than the stairs. Hehe.

Inside the office we can hear the wind hurling beside the glass windows of the building. The sound was very audible and eerie. Most of the tech guys reported but we plan to leave early before the typhoon caught us. We first settle everything and got off. Our boss, in good heart, offered to drive us to our respective places.

We gathered and went down. As we approached the back of the building. Sweet Jesus! The wild wind approaching south is like a katabatic wind that can lift and drop you anywhere. Thin roofs, papers, tree branches, and litters were swooping. All my life, I've never seen a wind blows wildly like that. I called my mom and check if they are okay. Thank God she was safe home.

Through the blurry scene we saw our boss waving to us inside his car. We don't know how to get there as the wind will definitely haul us. We have no choice but to run fast and fight the strong wind.

On first attempt, I managed to open the side door of the car but it was facing against the wind. The door slammed hard. I was gripping on the handle when the wind lifted me up. Ben grabbed and dragged me inside the building. That was close.

We need to get to the car.

After a deep breath we ran again and in full force opened the side door and finally got inside. We can feel the car lurching. Some of our colleagues failed to cross the killing wind. We're lucky enough seated reluctantly, though soaked, but safe inside. As we drove around the building, trying to fetch the others stuck inside the building, we saw bended trees scattered on the street, signage torn apart, bended electric poles, motorcycle knocked down on street and power wires suspended on tree branches. A horrific scenery.

We headed in front of the Pacific Star Building and fetch the others.

At last, we drove back home.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

random thoughts...

I missed entries for 4 days. I've been into a big fight. Hehe. Orders are in line to the door so I need to be rigid, fast and sharp. Anyhow, it was a good news and it will benefit all of us.

Another personal issue, I hate myself for being so stubborn. Why am I letting my own evil desires control me? He almost curse me to avoid this fucking pfft! I want to stop it but I can't. What will I do? Huhu. How can I get rid of this thing? I'm stuck to it. I know I can beat it. Someday. Pretty sure I can.

I'm with my friend Paul awhile ago. We had a chit-chat and he advised me to ditch my past and go find someone who deserves me. Someone better. Yes, they're not in favor of him. They find him loser. He's nobody to them but to me, he's somebody. Why would I let them decide for me? I have my own mind and I don't care if they find me stupid for hanging with him. I just feel loved and happy when with him. They'll get used to him. Someday they will accept him as him and as mine.

Last night I went home early and dropped by at Russ' house. I was fortunate for Tita gave me something to eat. Grilled liempo and tortang ewan. Haha. Free dinner. *smug*

I'm broke and I'm into financial crisis. I can't budget my money or I'm just not wise in spending it. Pfft. Whatever. I'm still broke. Can you lend me money? *wink* *wink*

At home while having siesta an odd thought crossed my mind. The song Ilong sung stuck to my mind. A song popularized by Apo Hiking Society.

Mahirap talaga ang magmahal ng syota ng iba
Oh sakit ng ulo maniwala ka
Ngunit kahit ano pang sabihin nila
Iwanan siya’y di ko magagawa

All I can say, OO mahirap talaga! Potah!

But if I were you, this is only an advice...if it still early...stay away. If you can still avoid him/her. Do it before you found yourself crying a well of tears.

Me and Russ will watch "The Devil Wears Prada" later today. I'll fetch her at home. Makapagrelax-relax naman!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

let bygones be bygones...

It's getting hot in here. Whew! Anyway, hope this entry will peter out the issues. Let's drop everything and move on. I will be more careful now with my words and names of characters as I learned from you guys. *wink*

Lemme recount my past ramblings. Oh and by the way, I have an LJ now. Click here or just click "alembong" at the side links.

I spent the weekend at Bulacan. I missed my family. It's been a long time we've never seen each other. I almost forgot their face. Haha. We got together at my brother's (Alkin) birthday bash at his house with his family. Aust, my nephew was so cute. Big brown eyes with long battling eyelashes, delicate lips and raddish skin. Damn he's so cute. I want to squeeze his cheeks. He amused me in his dance moves. The "hagod" move and "let's do the funk" move. Haha. Wonder what are those moves? Um. From TV commercials. Hagod from a cough syrup advertisement I guess, I'm not familiar with it and the let's do the funk move from a deodorant advertisement. Hehe. Kids nowadays are good imitator.

I arrived there late as I first went to an internet cafe with no coffee. Haha. I checked my emails and customized my LJ. That day was so hot and every part of my body was sweating. I's yuck. Haha. And I curse my hair and myself for having it curled. It's gross and unmanageable. I should not have it curled. I miss my straight hair. Huhu. Anyway, they were distracted as I came. Everyone were ranting. You need to shout or use a megaphone for you to be heard. Their voice were blustering. That's how we speak to one another. Haha.

Hmn. What else? We watched the movie Crank by Jason Statham. Read my LJ for more details of what had happened. Ahihihi.

Um. Right now, I just feel loved and happy. :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

word for the week...BITCH

Don't you know that it is an honor to be called a bitch? Have you ever wondered what makes a man want to marry a particular woman? Be a bitch for you to know. BItch isn't that a bad word. Well it depends on how you interpret and accept it. If you have a dirty mind, my apology for that. But hey I have a dirtier mind than you so knock it off.

Mood Status: bitchy

Thursday, September 07, 2006

get out!

Hey to all visitors...if you find this site offensive, well GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! I don't need feeble-minded alien browsing my blog. I will write whatever I want here. This is my online journal! Stop meddling! Mind your own. Freak. Pfft.

Monday, September 04, 2006

it sucks to be me...

Whew! I've been so wasted these past few days. Lemme recount those tedious days.

August 29. This was a bad day. I did not report to the office to work on my documents I needed for a-plan-for-a-career-growth. Hmn. I woke up early to get to Manila City Hall to process something. I dressed up in blue jeans paired with comfty shirt and a pair of black slippers. The I'm-not-dressed-to-go-out-Buti-na-lang-I'm-cute outfit. I got there as early as 9AM. Hehe. That was early. Bleh. Upon entering the huge door of the hall I saw three men in blue shirts in the information area. I paced toward them, head up but not arrogant. I removed my sunglasses and ask for the location of diploma authentication. I felt stupid when the big-belly man told me that they're not authenticating diplomas and transcripts. Bits of water start runnning down my face when he told me the right place for it. Aww. I'm dumb. Nowhere to run, so I went to the nearest mall and have a brunch. I didn't take any solid when I got off the house. I texted Iryl and ask for the exact address of CHED and how to get there. After eating I went to NBI UN. I wasn't aware that the said bureau has been moved to Carriedo. Grr. I took another ride going Carriedo and look for that fucking bereau. Thank God it didn't take me hours in finding. I went upstairs without any knowledge on whats and hows in getting the clearance. I saw a young lady vendor bragging her ballpens that this item is much needed in getting the clearance. With her lungs out in shouting using megaphone, I distracted her and bought one then I headed to the bureau. I lost gallons of perspiration processing this clearance. Whew! I finished around 12:30 PM. Next destination? CHED Pasig. I commute from Recto to Cubao. Potah ang init at ang traffic! Tagaktak ang pawis ko. It just came to my mind to take the train instead of jeep. Ambobo ko! Ampf. Well, after losing another set of gallons of water from my body, I reached Cubao. From there I took MRT going to Shaw. I have no idea how to get to that agency so what to do? Ask and ask and ask. Argh. Finally, I reached the said agency. I guess I was been cursed that day. I had all the bad luck. Pfft. As I enter the building the guard hold me and asked my appointment and I told him what's my business there. Ampf! I was stammering when he showed me the address of CHED's QC branch. Grr. I hate processing documents! An old generous man explained well what to do. Go to my school, ask for endorsement letter then go to CHED QC branch. Hayz. Ayoko naaaaa!!! Frustrated, I went back to the office to meet Ella and the gang. I coaxed Ella to smoke at the 6th floor and we had a lil chit-chat then Amy and Iryl came. They took a break and we went up the office. We met Alben, Manette, Chard, Lhen and Pat at the main door. I was surprised when I saw the tech guys with Pat. They persuaded me to join them and my luck got back as Pat treat us for snack. Hehe. Well well...Amy log off early and we directed to parlor. I had my hair curled for a new look. Russ keeps on bugging me. What's the biggie? I just went to the parlor to relax and she's freaking mad at me. I don't know her problem. I just told her to cancel our meeting and move it on Saturday or any day she's free. Nagdrama ba naman. Then she reminded me of her favor. Potek nawala sa isip ko. I promised her about that video that she will be using in her presentation. Sa dami ba naman ng iniisip ko at sa nangyari sa akin sa buong araw na yun, maaalala ko pa ba yun?! Grr. I told her to wait for me and I will drop by at their house and we will do that video over night. Kahit mamaga mata ko sa puyat! Hayz. Why do we always need to please someone? Anyhow, even tired I meet her and we look for internet cafe. I finished it at 12PM without having dinner. I told her to burn it but she keeps on insisting to mail it. Fine! I left her emailing the video to her yahoo account. I took my late dinner and finally, REST.

August 30. When I had my feet in the office they start teasing me with my new hair. I don't care. I'm pretty. Bleh. The day goes fine and smooth til late afternoon Russ start calling and texting again. She attached the wrong file. Gademet! So I made another video but my PC is giving me headache. It automatically shuts down and I'm losing my LAN connection and sound. Whew. Pahirap! Anyhow, I finished it with cursing. To be safe, I burned the video. I texted Russ to meet me at the house so I can hand the CD to her. Then we went off. Alben and I ate at Inengs. I unleashed my madness to him and he was just quiet absorbing all my rants. I met Russ at the corner of our street. All I knew was to hand her the CD then she will go home. But I was all wrong when she told me to test the CD. Argh. I want to rest!!! Give me life!!! I couldn't say no so we look for internet cafe AGAIN to check the CD. I want to collapse when I saw the video been cut. Waaahh. I want to rest! I have no choice but to redo it. *sob sob*

We finished at around 2AM. I want to kill her. Grr. We went home and finally I laid my tired body on bed.

September 1. Ella coaxed me to accompany her at GB3. The scenario was to drop by, meet her friends and vamos. I have no idea that we will go on a despedida party. I have no choice but to accept the fact that I was idiot having someone dragged me to a place I never knew what's going on. Pfft. I just realized it why she was one helluva prepared. She even brought an extra blouse, fixed her hair well and put color on her face. When I met her friends I felt I was in a wrong group. I felt out-of-place. A crowd of conyos and bitches. Anyhow, I managed to mingle with them although they were intimidating. I was only gaping at them embracing and kissing each other. They were hell cool but still...bitches. I can no longer take it so I coaxed her to catch up at our colleagues drinking session at yoo-hoo. Never heard that place. We held a taxi, fetch Lhen at Buendia corner Makati Ave and headed to yoo-hoo. Happenings over there with all due respect to others have been cut. It reminded me of my childhood days. Pretzels! Haha.

September 2. I just stayed at the boarding house and played Word Factory with Alben the whole afternoon. Ah, we food trip. We bought ice cream, pizza, slurpee and nothing. Hehe. We spent time talking bout nothingness.

September 3. I went to Sta. Ana church to attend the 6 o'clock mass. When I turned at my back to give "peace", you won't believe who's the person standing behind me. My face turned white as I saw her and utter the words "peace be with you". The gal who hated me so much. I can't move. I felt numb and my heart was pounding. I finished the mass and sped off. Whew! You know what? I really wanted to invite her outside and smoke. Haha. Bonding ba?? Hehe.

Mood Status: relieved
Music Playing: Missez Feat. Paul Wall - Love Song