Sunday, February 01, 2009

No Pressure, No worries…Just lovin’ it.

Sunday…a day for rest, for family and most importantly for God.

I woke up this morning trying to persuade my Mom to go to church as it’s the first Sunday of the month. I won so we got up from bed and enthusiastically prepared ourselves for the mass. A felicitous ceremony ended. First time of the year I heard the mass with my family, not with my boyfriend. He was on service at their church before the dawn so he wasn’t able to come. My Mom and I went to the market to buy food for lunch. Told my Mom that I hate going to market mostly Sunday. Just hate the crowd and the messy stuffs give pain to my eyes. She scowled at me and told me that I need to learn everything in life as soon I will have my own family. I just kept silent. She’s right.

I love my daily routine. No pressure, no worries…just lovin’ it. =) It’s more than a week we haven’t had work in our office as the system was shut down for renovation. And I love my new office…here at home. Hehe. I gathered information through our outlook webmail access and sell. Hee. I love the freedom. Wahaha. No need to wake up 5:30AM for work. I can eat anytime. I can even watch movie and go to salon. Haha. Though my prepaid internet is too expensive and quite slow. I spend 100 pesos a day to keep online and on track. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I need to sell and sell to hit my target for this month. Need to earn more. Last Saturday the boyfriend came by. We chose to watch DVD at home rather than spend money in the movie house. We need to save more in preparation for the next year’s big change in our lives. And I’m excited for that. =)

I heard the news last week that my lababol cousin was 7 weeks pregnant. I was so happy for her for it was her big dream and god I envy her! I and her sister are supposed to be the first to settle down as we’re older than her. Hmp. Del, ang daya mo! Bleh!

Yeee! We still have no office tomorrow. Same setup as our manager disseminated to us. He just texted me now. Yahoo! I’ll go on gym with the boyfriend and his cousin tomorrow. Haha!

So that’s it. Hope to write more here. =)