Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Another slumber party and the end of me. Omigod! I can't believe I was that drunk last Friday night. Well, here's another drama of mine. Me and Ella were supposed to have coffee at GB3 where that little freaking girl invited me to go out. I was supposed to go home early that night but she coaxed me to watch movie but I refused it coz I was broke. Again. All the time I am. Pity me. Yeah. She keeps on tapping my shoulder like a child asking for a toy. I shouted her "O syasya tayo na! Ilibre mo ako ng kape ha?!" Haha. I seldom drink coffee. Most of my friends drink it specially when smoking. It's the best buddy of cigarette but I prefer juice or soda. Anyway, instead of watching movie we decided to stroll and have a coffee. When we were about to go. Lennon's message popped up on Ella's screen asking for Sir Ruben. Out of curiosity, we asked why. He will treat Sir Ruben. Wow. Why? I don't care. I yanked the keyboard and harassed him to treat us instead of someone who's no longer there. Hehe. Selfish. So we went up the 27th floor of the building and messed with them. Ella and I directed at the foyer of the wide office. We scattered magazines and dirt pillows as if we're on our own house. Sitting reluctantly on the expensive sofa of the Jap fellas yelling at them, "Hoy bilisan nyo jan! Di naman kayo nagtatrabaho. Tama na chat! You're using company's resources." Haha.

After several minutes we pulled our bags, turned their PCs and the lights off. We directed to the 6th and a half floor of the building where a big crowd await us. Haha. Pacing toward the table we felt like celebrities on Hollywood walking on red carpet with flashing lights of cameras of the media men and fans hankering us. If they only knew. We're poor as hell. Haha. The guys grabbed the menu and ordered. The petite usherette handed us the song book and forced us to sing. Aww. Because Grace was wearing red shirt that night we announced that it was her birthday and demanded the host to sing a happy birthday song for our colleague. Haha. Poor Grace. The two Jaysons were so quiet. I never heard any word from them. Si Lennon lang ang nuknukan ng daldal. Potek parang bakla. Haha. Peace man. We mocked on others singing. Shouting out the words, "Escape Escape" Eject" "Ctrl + Alt + Del" "Shut Down" "Quarantine". Haha. Those words came from Lennon as if he's a good singer. And when he sang we shouted out "Delete Delete" "INFECTIOUS". Haha. It's Ella and my turn on the floor. We sang the undying song "Weak" with matching dance. Hehe. We're cute. Hell yes! Haha. Well, that night the air was filled with laughters and agonizing stomachs. Stomachs full of liquor not food. We haven't took our dinner that time. I felt the pain when I woke up in the morning. Argh.

To make the story short, we went home drunk or it was only me. Pfft. We exuberantly talked the happenings while walking on the middle of the road. We met Alben waiting beside the building. He accompanied Grace while me, Ella and the three boys went to my place. We waved a cab and directed to my boarding house. Jayson didn't come, he probably had other plan going home. With me in the cab were Ella, Lennon and Muri. They stayed awhile in the house, smoked and went home. They want to sleep over at my crib but it was a no no to me. Boys in my room. Nuh ah ah. I pushed them away and they speed home.

Take a glimpse on our craziness.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Another entry of nothingness. Staring long at this empty sheet, loss for words to write. Hmn. What's new? I just escaped the white chamber of Fasco-CS with the help of my friend Ronald. He sent me the walkthrough. Haha. Cheater! Bat ba?! I was just curious of what's with that doodad box inclined on the wall. I hate that morse code! My officemate Epex explained it to me. I was that stupid to understand the dots and dashes written on the paper I got. There were 26 lines representing the english alphabet. I couldn't decipher the code on that box using that annoying morse code sheet. I shouldn't escape it if I didn't have the walkthrough. Haha. You should think a lot to catch it and i don't have the brain for it. Haha. Lots of tricks and thinking. It will surely squeeze your brain off. These japanese guys are genius. Hell yeah! They came up with these brain squeezing games. But hey I manage to escape the other rooms without cheating. Hehe. But lots of asking. Haha.

What more? We have a new officemate with a bubble-mouth. We clicked together because we're both petite, cute and crazy. I made to avoid profanity but when I met her I'm used to it again. Erm. Her name is Ella, a designer. Her portfolio was amazing. I can't believe that little girl made those designs. You should visit her multiply to see her works.

What else? I'm goddamn sleepy. I can't keep my eyes from shutting. Grr. I took stresstab this morning believing that it will make me up for the whole day. I just learned from Ella that this tab will knock you down and I'm feeling the effect now. Argh. I should take it at night before bed.

Time to hit the road. Byeee!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a recap...

Here's a little recap of the past days without blogging.

August 12. I came to the office late. As usual. I was wasted that day due to the past sleepless nights. Bulge eyes and sag face. Pfft. I pulled Amy and went to 6th floor to take breakfast and smoke. We had a little chit-chat with Manette and Sir Carlo then went back for work. I checked the emails and prepare the work of arrangers for Monday. I plan to go home early and take a rest but as I start packing my things Amy came panting and coax me to join them on lunch. Our boss invited her for lunch with Sir Carlo. I think the big boss is on the mood to go out and want to waste time with us. Haha. Maybe he was bored. Ahihihi. Although not invited, I go with them. Kapal e noh? Blame Amy, she persuaded me. I don't know why she's awkward with the big boss. Hmmnn...I smell something. Haha.

The park was crowded with food stands and different goodies. You can see the busy vendors debating with their buyers. They sell for a living so why argue to the one that's giving them subsistence. Anyway, I shut my eyes and turned to my colleagues. Sir Carlo and I craved for pork lechon while Amy went to the grillery and buy tuna belly. Hmm, yummy. Hehe. Our boss bought grilled flafla and fried rice. More delicious. Haha. We look for drinks and came accross with flavored tea stall. Mixed berries for me, Sir Carlo and the big boss and mango for Amy. Their flavored tea was high-priced. A single tea bag submerged into the hotwater of a small cup with crashed ice and flavoring for PHP 50. Pfft. Anyway, it was my boss' treat so I need to shut up. As we walkthrough the crowded area to look for a place to dine we saw Dominic Ochoa with a girl, a celebrity here but not that famous coz he's not that good-looking. Aww. We eyed a long table with free sits so we hurriedly grabbed the chair and rested our feet. Sir Carlo was still on the lechon stand waiting for our food. I texted to him our location. I was shocked when I read her girlfriend's reply. "Sino to? Bakit mo pinapapunta si carlo sa park? Anong meron sa park?" Hahaha. We laugh when I flash it to them. Tay ka na Sir! Hehehe. After eating, throwing jokes and gossips our boss drives us back to the office. We stayed at the office. I waited for Amy uploading contents to her shuffle. After 20 minutes we speed off. I directed to my boarding house and sleep. I woke up at dawn and texted Russel if she will drop to my place. Well, she did and we shared kikay stories.

August 13. It was a long day. I locked myself in the room and guess what I did. Pfft. When it's 5 pm. I took a bath and went to Russ' house. I told her to feed me coz I was that broke and can't afford a decent dinner. Argh.

August 14. Hmmn. I don't remember what I did that day. Haha. It was an ordinary day. Alben was on leave so I took over him. We delivered all due files early and got off early. I ate at Mc Donald's alone and smoke outside alone. *sigh*. It was a super lonely day.

August 15. It was a bad day. Don't ask it. My heart was pounding and can't throw a smile to people passes by. I went home early.

Well, that's it.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Countess Meme

LiveJournal has this meme that interests me. So in desperate to have it in blogger. I search for it and came up with this meme from the Countess. Well, check this out.

Question number1: What are three of the stupidiest things you've done in your life.

1. Sticking with a job that never interest me from the very first day I reported.

2. Clinging to someone who's already committed and made myself fall at a wrong time that's killing me now.

3. There was this incident where me and my Mom were faked by a group of ladies. It happened in our toy shop. 3 women in their mid-40s came looking for toys as presents for their grand children. As they told us, one of them just came from US and was just visiting the country. So we offered the best selling toy to us that is quite expensive. They bought 3 pieces of it and paid us in dollar bill. 100 US dollar to be specific. Me and my Mom exchanged looks. Hello! We're in the Philippines why would you pay us green money??!! But then we're too stupid that we accepted it and gave their change. My Mom hurriedly went to our neighbor who's working from a bank and handed the dollar paid to us. It was too late when we knew that it was fake. We're not stupid, we're morons. (*deep sigh*)

Question number 2: At the current moment, who has the most influence on your life?

No one but my own evil desires.

Question number 3: If you were given a time machine that functioned, and you were allowed to only pick up to five people to dine with, who would you pick?

Jesus, my father, my grand father (Lolo Titong), Ferdinand Marcos, Princess Diana.

Question number 4: If you had three wishes that were not supernatural, what would they be?

(1) To be with my ideal man; (2) To remain in good health until the day we die (3) To travel around the world.

Question number 5: Name one event that has changed your life.

When my bestfriend left me. I felt so alone. I was alone at home so I drink and smoke. Bad isnt' it?

Question number 6: Is not a question. It's a command. Tag five other people.

It's beneath us. For those who wish to try this meme are free to do so.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Year of the Monkey

I got the all-about of this chinese zodiac from my friend Ronald. If you get interested, check the website.

No task is too great for the clever Monkeys. They master most anything. They have extremely charming manners that draw others. Monkeys solve difficult problems with ease.They are quick-witted,innovative, and they have total and intense belief in themselves. No one delights in their own accomplishments like the Monkeys. Enjoying themselves immensely, they try anything at least once! Monkeys are intellectual and their memory is phenomenal. They recall the smallest details of everything they have seen,read, and heard. They must depend on that memory since they have an otherwise untidy mind. Monkeys are wizards with money. They are original, shrewd, and when they need to, they can fool anyone.There are a hundred and one fantastic schemes they want to try, and you can bet they make some of them work. Even when they take you in, it is hard to be angry with them, or begrudge them anything. They don't care what opinions others have of them. They know they are lucky, and they also know they have the ability to change things when convenience calls. Monkeys are virtually unsinkable! When the odds are stacked against them, Monkeys know when to quit. Their timing is superb, and they will wait to try another time. If you try to trick Monkeys, they will probably catch you. They never make a move without a plan. They are great strategists. They can spot an opportunity in any form. They never miss a trick!

Monkeys are hard workers once they have a piece of the action. The bigger the piece, the better they do. Monkeys like to travel, and they want to do it first class.They need a certain amount of excitement in their lives.

Since Monkeys get what they want without too much trouble, they may not care about all their conquests. They lose interest quickly and must learn to finish what they start and take care of what they have. People always flock around Monkeys,but Monkeys don't trust very much. They know a select group of friends that they choose carefully. Money is a must for Monkeys, and they usually have it, or will be in the process of getting it.They know nothing is permanent. They improve and try to do better, and often amaze even themselves. Monkeys like facts and they hateto waste time. Always remember, Monkeys don't care if you approve of them or not, and if not careful, you will be eating right out of their hands! They are the ultimate diplomats and slip in and out of difficulties with ease.

Monkeys must be careful in romance, although clear-sighted, they are very critical and lose interest in anyone they can't consider their peer.They are vain and egotistical,but even that is to their advantage.

Monkeys are always out in front!

Well most of it are right coz most of it are negative. Haha.


Probably most of you are wondering why I'm using english in my blog. It so happened that I have foreign viewers. I really wanted to spill it out. Write in tagalog and say the words I used in everyday living. Potek ang hirap mag-pretend ha! Nagkakabulol bulol na nga ako. Hehehe. Anyhow, I still manage to write it well.

Hay buhay! Petiks na naman ako. Wala na naman magawa kaya eto nagpapakabobo ako. Nagkakalkal ng mga bagay-bagay na magpapa-abala sa akin. Lilipas na naman ang isang araw na walang katuturan. Sana lang dumami pa ang order ng ringtones. Pulubi na naman kami nito pag nagkataon. Ang hirap naman kasi nagpapakabayani ang ibang tao dito habang yung iba dyan nagwawaldas ng salapi na pinaghihirapan ng mga bayani dito. Balak ko na ngang ipagpatayo ng monumento ang ilan dito. Sana lang magising na ang punong abala. Abala saan? Ewan ko. Abala sa pagiging tanga nya at sunud-sunuran sa mga taong nagpapaikot sa kanya. Ah ewan ko sa kanila. Mga leche sila! Wala lang. Nakakapikon lang ang mga ganung tao. Parang asong sunud-sunuran sa iba. Parang walang utak. Akala ko pa naman matatalino sila. Wekwek. Pulbos ata laman ng utak o sadyang mabait lang talaga. Aahhh...shadap! Bahala kayo! Sana lang walang magpa-translate sa akin nitong entry na to.

Syasya. Balik trabaho!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It's been a calm day and I will be off soon. I'm not in the mood today. Is that because I haven't had a decent sleep from the past nights? Um. Russ just called and gave me a pep talk. This woman is crazy. I told her to jump off from the rooftop of RCBC building or get a knife and stab her chest. She's totally insane. Look who's talking. Haha. She was so desperate in getting with this cheap guy. Well, I told her to drop by in my place and I will personally kill her. Haha. I'll persuade her to drink to unleash her madness. Alak lang katapat nyan! Hehe.

Anyway, need to pack my things and get home. We will have a drinking session.


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Monday, August 07, 2006

shit stuffs

It's Monday! Start of another hell week. I hurriedly woke up from bed this morning to catch up from the office's grace-period time. I've gotten a memo as a warning of excessive tardiness last month and I don't want to be suspended this month! Aww. Hope I have this promise not to break or I'll eat my hat. Pfft. As I pass by the mirror, I was surprised with my face having lots of pimples scattered around my pity cheeks. Huhuhu. I'm so ugly! I hate my face! I was like a disheveled alien from an unknown planet. =( Before I throw something onto the mirror I collected my bathe paraphernalia and went down to the bathroom. After an hour of beauty ritual, I sped off.

Well at the office nothing unusual happened so I better recount my rambles last weekend.

Hmn. I want to share the topic me and my friend Russ tackled. Last Friday I dropped by at their house. I arrived before her so I smoke while waiting. When she got home I dragged her outside the house and talked about nothingness. It's a girls' stuff so we decided to throw off outside so that Tita can't auscultate. She look disturbed so I told her to spill it out. I will just listen, comment and advise in the end. She have a big crush at work. This guy has a resemblance with the vocalist of the band Hale. If I'm not mistaken, Champ is the name. Of the vocalist. Not his officemate. The guy was married and had a child but she was pervert enough to continue sneaking with this guy. Okay, given that this guy is pretty "for her" and she admire him so much that she made herself stupid by having someone picture him or ask for a picture with dedication. That was doltish! An old school. Ew. Anyway, we can't teach our heart. Almost everyone are stupid in the name of love. Even the smartest person on earth when fell in love will make decisions that will look him/her stupid. I advised her to stay away from him before it's too late. I know it's hard but she must do it before she fall deeply. Why are the good and delicious guys are already taken?! Ang sarap MAGKASALA! Gademet! Anyhow, we parted ways with one conclusion. Avoid temptation! Whew.

When I got home, my mind was still populated by the things we talked about. I can relate to her story. I was in that situation before but did my best to elude sin. I learnt that the hard way.

On Sunday, I woke up too late and had my breakfast late. I did nothing. I just watched Tita Joy do her chores. At 12PM I went up my room and take a nap. I woke up 2PM. As I climb across the bed Paul came and pulled me to have lunch. We buy at the nearby carinderia, to Aling Ising. Our favorite eatery. Ahihihi. He was cursing as we walk. He called all the demons and devils on earth and threw it all to his colleagues. He was supposed to play badmintton and he invited me to join but his colleagues didn't come to the bar where he work so he insisted that it was cancelled. He never heard from them until morning when he gone home. When asleep he received a text message from these two morons detailing the what, where and when of their activity. He woke up past 2pm and called them back but weren't answering his calls. Maybe they are in the middle of the battle. Boo. So he decided to stay home. I was about to go with Tito Jer to stroll at Glorietta but he persuaded me not to come as it was too late and I'm not yet dressed and it will take me an hour to prepare so Tito Jer left me. =( I have no choice but to stay at home. I played with Lucas, their cute poodle pet dog. I never heard Lucas bark since the day he brought to Paul's house. At that moment as we play I made him bark and we were all surprised. Haha. I thought he's mute. Ahihihi. After watching The Buzz, Tita, Paul and I played word factory. After 5 rounds, Paul took a bath and prepare for his work. Tita and I left alone looking each other. When Tito Jer arrived we bought food for dinner.

That was my life at the boarding house. Too boring, isn't it?

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Here are some photos of Lucas.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

moving on

Wuhoooo! Finally the game is swinging by my side. I'm almost getting over the darkness of the past. I'm moving on. I'm becoming stronger and independent. I'm learning the virtue of patience and at ease of everything that comes my way. I'm focusing on what remains on me, forget what I lost and never regret my failures. Why would I keep on running to someone who doesn't appreciate me? Err. He doesn't know who's running up to him. I'll show him what he lost and he will be kicking his backside and he will crawl back to me. In the end I will be waving on him with an arched eyebrow and a devilish look...bwahaha. Instead, I will love and be considerate to others who are always on my side, through thick and thin, just always there loving me unconditionally.

Hmmn. I got over of yesterday's tedious work. Whew! That was a tough day. I have this client who requested to cut the original song to that of the same clip time of the poly. And I did it myself! I listened to the poly and find it to the full audio. There were 44 of them and it almost killed me. I feel like being raped. Whew! Anyhow, I feel happy because we're rich again! Hell yes!

I want to buy an iPod but I lack money. I don't even have savings. Pfft. How I wish I could get one to exterminate my boresome in my boarding house. I was desiring to buy a laptop before and now I can't even buy a nano iPod which soon will be phased-out from the market. I'm bankrupt! Huhuhu. All I have at home is my book that takes me a month in reading. Well FYI, it's Deception Point by Dan Brown. I love this author. His novels are full of suspense, twists, excitement that you will no longer keep your eyes off his books. I'm on part where US President Zach Herney announced to the world the discovery of NASA and having all Sexton's incriminations to this space agency back to his face. While her daughter Rachel Sexton is struggling for life at Milne Ice Shelf. Erm. It's a long run then. I'm hankering for Angels and Demons. A friend told me that it is more breath taking than that of The Da Vinci's Code.

That's all for today. Back to work.

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