Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pain In Work

I've been working almost four years of my life and yet gain nothing.

When I graduated in college, I stuck myself in our store. I've been busy managing that stall. And I really enjoyed it. Kung hindi pa ako pinagtulakan ng Nanay ko na maghanap ng trabaho at bitawan yung tindahan na yun, hindi ako magbabanat ng buto at magtyatyagang bumili ng Manila Bulletin every Sunday at bilugan ang mga pwedeng applyan. Hunting for a job didn't give me pain. After a month and a couple of weeks, I found this company. Magfofour years na ako dito sa May but when I think of the years I spent in this company...tsk...nothing....I gain nothing. I just met the man who captured my heart...and aside from that....NOTHING.

*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

If only I knew that it will enslave me, I didn't go to Legaspi Suites, Salcedo Village on May 2, 2003.


I got off AGAIN this morning from work at around 4:30 AM. The whole team had been busy with this goddamn project that we'd been working for months and until now cannot perfect because of this goddamn unholy client that are playing gods and making us slaves. Umuwi akong tumitilaok na yung manok tapos kailangan ko pang pumasok ng alas-onse ng umaga para umattend ng meeting. Pakshet! Gudlak!

Gudlak sa mga taong nagtatrabahong parang kalabaw pero walang napapala. Yung pinaghihirapan nila, pinagtatrabahuhan nila. Sino nakikinabanang? Mga malalaking taong nagpapalaki ng ano nila! Putangina nyo! Mahiya kayo sa balat nyo! Pataasan kayo ng sweldo habang nagpapainit lang kayo ng pwet sa upuan nyo! Buti nga kung umiinit e. E puta bihira mo makita sa upuan nila. Kung hindi nagbreak, naglalamyerda sa labas. Nagmomall during office hours. O di kaya papasok na malapit na uwian tapos pag tinawagan para magpaliwanag kung bakit late ang hinayupak, ang dahilan...sakit ng katawan nya...lahat na ata ng sakit nadahilan. E masasakitin ka palang hayuf ka e di magresign ka na't magstay ka na lang sa bahay! Ang kapal pa ng mukha na magreklamo sa increase nya. E potah ka buti nga naadjust ng ganun kalaki sweldo mo kahit ni-singkong duling wala kang naipasok sa kumpanya na to! Siguro nga dapat manahimik ka na lang sa bahay nyo baka dito ka pa mamatay! Tangina nyo!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Scorpio [Element: Water]

I've finished my work, browsed the internet and came up with this:
A Preponderance of the WATER element
A heavy emphasis of Water element signs puts you closely in touch with your feelings, and in tune with the nuances and subtleties in your environment that others won't even notice. You approach life and understand it through your emotions, and you're really at your best when you "play your hunches." You don't intellectualize about things; you respond exactly how you feel. Water sign people are very attuned to their feelings. An intense sensitivity permits you to experience the heights of emotional bliss, but it can also take you to the depth of despair. Close emotional relationships are essential to your well-being and happiness. Superficial affairs are few, and less than satisfying. Romantic, sentimental, and affectionate, there must be a stable and secure bond between you and your partner. When you are happily situated in such a bond, you can be a very nurturing type. You can be "smothering" toward your children, and very possessive of your mate. You are not one who can subscribe to the code "live and let live." You communicate best in non-verbal ways; emotionally, psychically, or through forms as art, dance, music, poetry and photography. You have a natural feel and sense for the arts. You're apt to let the heart rule the head. Highly impractical and impressionable, you sometimes use bad judgment for you are unable to be objective and evaluate situations impersonally. You may change your mind as often as your moods change, but rarely do the facts sway your beliefs.

Water Absence
The absence or limitation of Water signs in your horoscope suggests that you may have difficulty understanding the deeper meanings of events and circumstances. Indeed, you may be a little lacking in emotional intensity. This is not to say that you have no feelings, but it does mean that your emotions are not easily engaged and they really don't run deep. You aren't so apt to form those extremely close friendships and relationships, and you may even feel smothered and threatened by strong emotional demands of others. You recover quickly from emotional bumps and scrapes, never letting your disappointments get you down. Depression is never apt to be a problem. Many of the aspects of not having water signs are positive, but on the negative side, you must guard against becoming rather callous and cold, detached and unfeeling. Intuitive skills are not readily available to those with few planets in Water signs. In your view this does not matter so much, because you don't trust intuitive knowledge anyway.

Yeah, right!

I've been to my hometown this weekend and I just pigged out. I've no control on food if I'm in our house at Bulacan. I frequently open our ref and look for something to eat. Then I finally realized that my belly's getting fatter so I pulled out my twister and started twisting. Tsk. I need to get my figure right. And after sweating a LOT, I grabbed a stick of cigarette and started puffing it. What a healthy exercise! Tsk. I grabbed my towel and directed to the bathroom.

We watched "Night at the Musuem" by Ben Stiller. A funny movie. One of Stiller's good movies. After having the couches pressed by our big fat ass's, we crowded the kitchen and prepared our dinner. We used "Del Monte Chicken Mix", a colleague gave. They were busy following my instructions as I was dictating it. Hekhek.

And when I was settled on bed already on pajama, my mind was engaged with this poem I was creating for my bebeh, our phone rang. Here's my bebeh missing me. Yihee! He just said goodnight and dominated me to go to sleep.

Wait, we finally watched the film 300 last Saturday using the free ticket our boss spared to us. This man is so generous. He often invites us on lunch and it's still fresh on my mind when he offered us a trip to Boracay. Akalain nyo yun! Wish ko lang. Ahihihi.

The movie is awesome. It's full of obscenely ridiculous action sequences that would unhallowed your stomach. With the Spartans' fighting skill it is really possible for 300 versus million.