Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nanay's Day

Before start bitching again, Happy Mom’s day to all mothers out there.

Even my Mom is not my idol as I always heard and saw on TV ads for the past days, I greeted her through text for the special day only offered to mothers in the world. I also greeted my boyfriend’s mom. We went out to treat my Mom and my Tita who have angst to her family. I feel sorry for her as she should be treated special today by her family but what happened was opposite of what she’s expecting. Anyways, she enjoyed our company.

I regale them to Max’s restaurant at SM Karuhatan. The restaurant was full. What do we expect? Ang dating nilalangaw na resto ngayon pinipilihan. We need to wait for two groups to finish before we can be seated. After 30 minutes of waiting, we finally had our ass’s plowed on their comfy chairs. I already had my order before we get seated but we still need to wait for a couple of minutes to fill our agonizing stomachs.

Food were great. I ordered for a half-table of their Menu letter C which includes kare-kare, sinigang na hipon, one whole fried chicken, dinaeng na bangus, lechon kawali and dessert. Yay. We enjoyed the food but my card cried after the glorious meal. Huhu. Okay lang. Minsan lang naman. Hehe.

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