Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jacob's Ladder

While watching the long time running TV program “Maalaala Mo Kaya” last night, a deep thinking crossed my mind. Why am I here on earth? What’s my real purpose? I just realized, I’ve been working hard and earning much for nothing. All for my self-interests, to secure my family and my future. A meaningless life.

The movie was about a doctor who spent all his life to help the needy. His wife has been demanding him material things as his the only doctor who works with nothing. Today, you cannot see any doctor without a car, all our secured. Surrounded with material things and all the comfort in life. But this man is different. He went to suburban areas to conduct medical mission. To teach proper hygiene to slum. To cure the ill. To provide medicine to sick. He found true happiness with these people.

The average span of time human lives nowadays is 60. I’m almost half of it and pity to say I accomplished nothing. I’m planning of securing a house and a car next year when I settle down but I can’t still feel the bliss. Is it all about me?

I can do it by myself but doing it in a group is more significant. Now I’m dragging my teammates to join me in one concrete mission: share the blessings and reach out for the poor.

Shet, is it really me who’s writing and planning all of these? Where’s the evil Eya? Wow, there’s still a little goodness left here in me.

Anyways, I want some changes in my life and I want it to materialize. Not tomorrow or the next day but NOW.

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