Monday, June 29, 2009


Is there such a word as day-off? ‘Coz I haven’t felt it! Damn.

Yesterday, which is so-called “rest day”, was so so. We held an event for our beloved Telco dealers. We were at Power Plant Mall to watch the private screening of Transformers: The Revenge of The Fallen at Cinema 4. The day before it was a pain in ass as most of my dealers are asking for additional tickets to invite their whole kinsfolk. But 30 minutes before the film started was more annoying. We were informed that quarter of the dealers canceled their commitments and we were asked if we could invite more of our dealers or drag even friends just to fill up the cinema. So ironic. Anyways, we assisted the clients for the tickets and directed them to a long line for popcorn and iced tea (consolations). All of my clients went over…so…thank you. =)

Thought I couldn’t start the movie but Faye, my assistant, and I hastily stormed to the door opening of the cinema through a dark path leading us to the big screen. Lucky enough, the movie is getting started. Hehe.

I love Transformers as I’m a fan of it but I kinda liked the first movie than what we’ve seen yesterday. The story is shallow and out of the question to what a mind can accomplish. Actions are not detailed. When they transformed, you can see mechanical parts of the machine twisting and evolving into a robot. Anyways, I love Prime and Bee. They’re cute.

After the film, Faye, Loeula and I sneakingly left the group and bound home. Hehe.

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